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    Doc, put quite frankly, what do you think are the safest DS/PH out today? No brand name necessary...we can do the legwork on that.
    in for this

  2. Absolutely subbed... No brainer imo
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    Now - the adrenal gland is fun, imperative, and without it you'd not be able to cope with stress and die! That's pretty drastic; one might see the workout timeframe as a period of significant stress that allows even the youngest person achieve a biochemical profile of the aged. In other words, if results are to be achieved and they are measurable, they are going to be in the acute workout setting...especially with extension of workouts beyond the 45-55 minute mark and nothing more.

    From a "safety" standpoint; I don't know enough about you to make such an outrageous assessment nor do I believe anyone could say with 100% certainty that they understand the safety features of ANY of these metabolites. I would be doing you a disservice to saying I know how such a supplement could benefit your particular case. For starters, you are young...but as I said above, while your levels may not be an acute setting or if you are even overttraining; the products may harbor a benefit...but I know nothing about your regimen.

    Its long overdue, but id really like to thank you for that very thorough response.

    One question i have from your response. You said that these suppliments could be beneficial in an acute workout setting if workouts are over 45mins (ish). My workouts tend to be on the 90min-100 min range (with cardio) and are quite intense for the whole period. My shirt is dripping with sweat by the end of the workout.

    Are you saying that these supplements could be of benefit in this case? or would you need a detailed outline of my workouts regimen to know?

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  4. Subbed for any info on oral steroids and responsible use. (if we can even call orals responsible lol)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Subbed for any info on oral steroids and responsible use. (if we can even call orals responsible lol)
    Yes, i believe we can
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