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    This section has been created for advanced supplement discussion with Dr. Dana Houser. If you have a specific question for dinoii please post it in here or just want to discuss and advanced topic. Please keep this to general supplement talk.

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.


  2. Welcome to AM

  3. Welcome man. Read the whole thread on pulsing a while back and I liked it. I'll be looking here for many good things.
    good luck
    RecoverBro ELITE

  4. holy crap Dinoiii! Granted I haven't been on the BB forums regularly in forever, this is probably where you have been all along! I will definitely frequent this more often now. Not sure why I never did anyways.

  5. Hello Doctor Houser. Im not sure if I am in the right forum but I truly hope so. I had a question for you about a supplement I just picked that is a PH. Its called Vazodrol. It contains a PH called Methylstenbolone. This is going to be my first cycle I have ever done and after reading several articles, Im thinking this might be a little strong for me for a first cycle. Can you give me your expert opinion on this supplement. I have been unable to find any logs or company information that backs there claims for this product. I just want to run a cycle that correct way and as safe as possible... Thanks for your time.


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