Father has seen the light!!!

  1. Father has seen the light!!!

    My dad , who is 55, finally broke down and told me that hes not getting any younger, and that after watching the gains I've made with my 1t/4ad cycle, he wants to try some ph's. Right now we are just going over what might be best for him, and Im thinking some 4ad. Let me know what you guys think, and what kinda results a 55 yr old body could see with this kinda stuff over a 4wk cycle, im pretty excited to say the least. Peaz out!

  2. Ask Daddy R and garyrabbit, I know Gary is in his 40's

  3. cycling as a family eh? (ha) thats good stuff. ph use among different ages should definetely be looked into (as you are now)...dont know if hair loss is an issue with your pops but if it is, might keep what you have in mind of using 4ad without addition of 1-test. 4ad has minimal side affects. 19nordiol (ideal for ones worrying about hairloss) and boldione are good choices too. but then again, if your pops looking for the best potential changes to his physique, might want to debate the plus/minuses of such ph as a 1-test.

  4. Also, at his age you might want to have him talk to his doctor about HRT.. let him get alittle extra real test from the doctor might help things if he has low test levels. I am really glad that you are able to educated you dad. Just point him in the right direction...  

  5. Cool stuff bro!

  6. GVT! GVT!

  7. Good job on educating you father and helping him out. Glad to see that he is interested in doing something to help himself out. Hope you both kick ass in the gym.

  8. Hey Jarhead great thread about your Dad, I would recommend using T-1 transdermal starting at 4ml/day dosage for the 1st 4wks,then 4wks off cycle,then 4wks on to start with. After that cycle he might want to up the dosage to 6ml/day. Aalso,get him into a good lifting routine and eating clean. Seems like you might be having a good training partner in the works bro, Best of luck-Peace

  9. I'm 51 and I used T1 at 4ml per day for four weeks that I got from BDC. I gained 5lbs in four weeks. Also, I am using 6oxy post cycle. I thought that was good for my age, at least, I am satisfied.

    What was most impressive to me was that I was able to do, depending on the
    excercise, 5 to 10 pecent more weight at
    TWICE the volume on strength days.

    I could not predict what your father would gain, but would advise him to increase volume when he notices the PH
    kicking in. He should find that he is able
    to do more.


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