methyl lethargy - why?

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    methyl lethargy - why?

    Hi all, first post here. I've searched quite a few posts on the topic of lethargy but haven't come across much that explains specifically what mechanism causes this to occur (if I've missed some obvious post please point me in the right direction). The closest thing I've found was a mention that it was due to ATP being shuttled to muscle cells rather than brain cells (when on cycle). Granted, I'm a bit older than most of the guys that post on here so maybe this is an "old guy thing"... dunno <that's why I'm posting in the 35+ forum>. Can anyone confirm or debunk the ATP-shuttling issue? It seems to me if it's an ATP issue (and assuming carbs are adequate for a cycle) then maybe adding a hefty dose of D-Ribose may lessen the effect. Any thoughts?

  2. Bro it all has to do with yoru liver, without getting to scientific your liver helps to regulate energy in the body. The liver becomes swollen and congested from Methylated compounds..... as function of the Liver drops so will your energy, your clotting factor, and your immunity. Hope that helps!!!

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    Thanks man, I'll focus more on liver detox/support next time around.

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