Thinking about doing Nabba Jr.Nationals?

  1. Thinking about doing Nabba Jr.Nationals?

    I am 41 and going to be 42 in August a week before the Jr. Nationals in Philadelphia on Aug 23. I am considering doing this show. Any opinions? The show is not drug tested. Enclosed are 2 pictures from the last show I did in Nov .2007. 5'8" 168 contest weight.
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  2. You should do fine, it's not tested so your going to run into a lot of big guys but you look good. If your competing to win then I wouldn't bother, even if you look the best you may get screwed by the judges. If your competing for fun and you really enjoy it then go for it, you will not look out of place.

    I think you would do well in a tested show though.
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