MOD EDIT: Bad way to start here at AM.

Right now I'm taking tongkat ali and 6-oxo as well as when protein, casein protein, multivitamin, vitamin c, green drink (healthfood green powder choc full of nutrients you mix with h2o or juice, love it!), creatine, liquid omega 3 deep sea fish oil/epa dha, and glutamine.

The 2 products helping me most are the tongkat ali and the casein protein as they control my appetite and cravings to eat garbage. I'm looking to supplement what I am using right now with the addtion of LR3 IGF and MGF. I'm 41 yrs old and find that responsible use of supplements and chemicals have greatly enhanced the quality of my life (I recently lost over 50lbs of fat).

Who is using IGF and finds it useful? Do you think that age makes a difference when considering the use of this substance?