OK HOw dumb is my regimen?

  1. OK HOw dumb is my regimen?

    HI all, I have been hanging out in the Supplements forum and lurking here, and I have to say these groups are great.

    However, MAN you guys are serious!! I thought I would just post my intro, and my workout regimen for comment and discussion. I am very unstructured about it and as for the most part I just want to keep some muscle tone, and stay healthy so that is OK, but every now and then I wish I could work up a some more muscle size and definition.

    So anyway, I am 43 YO, never been much of an athlete or a much into working out, but a few years ago , as age clearly started to catch up with me I started working out regularly.

    I take a fish oil pill, GNC Mega Men vitamin, and some fiber supp’s., and just started an ECA stack fat burner (2X a day)

    I am always working on my diet, but I do love my late night snack – gotta cut that one out! IN general I don’t eat enough though during the day. Adding some protein drinks and keeping a bunch of hard boiled eggs around for quick protein calorie fixes.

    I try to get to the gym 4-6 days a week, in general whatever days I can get the time to go. I will spend a little over an hour there with an easy 5 min cardio warm up followed by weight supersets of whatever exercises seem to intrigue me that day ;-). But I make a point of hitting every major muscle group each time (as I cannot guarantee I will be there the next day to hit any missed groups)
    Staples of my workouts though are
    Hanging leg lifts (often with a pullup in the Pike position),
    bench presses (incline and/or decline),
    weighted rows,
    squats (hate those and often skip them)
    and occasionally deadlifts.
    30 mins of cardio (doing this wicked thing from one of the other forums at incline 15 now)
    and then a steam bath for a few mins, and a few laps in the pool before showering and heading back home (I work from my home office).

    Anyway, I have gotten into pretty good shape (5’10, 165 lbs about 8% body fat) But I fear to get any further, I will have to start taking this stuff a lot more seriously (like you guys) . Perhaps you guys will serve as inspiration (you have all already provided me with much in the way of education)

    Not sure how many of the folks watching this board aree in the same camp as me, that is to say less dedicated, but hopeful ;-)

    (oh and lastly, I saw in another thread that someone said they get lots of sex from their wife and that helps.....i must speak to MY wife about that one ;-)


  2. Sex does help us stay young, but only your wife can help you there.

    Well being unstructured will prevent you from going further but if you 8% then your damn cutt so I would not worry about body fat too much. Maybe try adding a little structure as time goes by, start planning your workouts maybe. If your happy being unstructured and having fun in the gym though what do you need to change. Are there any goals you have.

    Myself I am trying to attain a lifestyle where I can enjoy my life and slowly improve my physique. I am an endo so fat is my enemy. A lifestyle I can lose fat and maintain muscle mass suits me best. I have given a lot and time and effort to attain this level and still be able to enjoy life. This does require some planning and thought, but since this is a hobby of mine it doesn't cause me any angst.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  3. Hey, if you are 42, 165#@8% you are doing great! Better than the vast majority of men your age!
    I do not think you need to get any more serous. If you just maintain your routine as is and carry it in the future, you will probably stay very healthy for a long time.

    You stated that you essentially change up your routine alot, which greatly helps to keep you fresh and your body on its toes.
    Sounds like you diet still needs some tweaking, but you already know that

    I would cycle the ECA and probably use it sparingly in the summer. My cardiologist says that the "E" can damage the heart valves if used over prolonged time periods.

    Overall, I think you are on the right track and really only need to fine tune the diet.

    oh and the sex thing, Yes, it does help and help alot!! My wife is 8 years younger than I and she keeps me in peak shape. I feel it helps raise my test level the more sex I have with my wife. Cleans out the prostrate as well. I read some study recently where the Dr.'s claim that frequent evac. of the prostrate lowered the incidences of prostrate cancer. That type of cancer runs deep in my family, so I try my best to follow that Dr.'s guidlines.

  4. Wow I did not know that, sounds like I am on the right track.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  5. Thanks guys, yes I am pretty content, but I would like to jsut minimize the love handles a bit, and bulk up the shoulders/chest to get more of a shape to my physique. I am jsut basically thin. Would like a more shizled appearance. Sho I have to start eating more, but eating right, and then I think even my existing weight routine will help. I do emphasize the back / shoulders / chest exercises, but I do know enought hat you must work all the big muscles (including legs, etc...) to get gains. OH well, if it was easy, everyone would look like Sly Stalone (or Dreamweaver ;-) )right?

    Re; the ECA and my heart, yes I agree, that I need to use it sparingly. honestly, I am not sure that I need it as I am already pretty thin, I am just looking for the right method to burn fat, and still add muscle. Groping for a miracle pill a bit I guess ;-)

    Thanks for the responses guys.

  6. Thanks for the compliment. Yah it's not easy but you learn to love it and that makes it easier. I love it, but realize not everybody does, we do what we can and if it's important enough it gets done. You know the answers to the questions and you know where to find what you need. The only question for you is how important is it ?
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug


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