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    alright whats up guys im only 18 and in no need of any DHEA type stuff or anything. I am wondering what i should pick up for my pops to keep him feelin good and all besides DHEA. what would you recommend? Now my dad is a very fit person. I would say more than the average joe for his age for sure. he works out with me daily and runs at least 2 miles daily. he takes a multi and the essentials for anyone.

    what does he need hormone wise to keep him up there? all natural stuff to regulate please. Not to gain muscle, just to keep healthy!

    thanks buds!

  2. bum please :-D

  3. Have him check out Fish Oil, very beneficial for people of all ages. Toco-8 or endo amp by Primordial would both be good supplements to look into if you guys have some disposable income, and as I remember the corvettes you own means you probably do lol. Garlic may be another item worth looking into, it has cardiovascular benefits and also help regulate cortisol output. Finally if you really want to get crazy have him check out supps like Powerfull by USP, that should help him get his manly hormones flowing, just don't get him going to much though, it may make for some awkward situations with your parents and thin walls in the house if you catch my drift.
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  4. yeah man def dont want any of that. well im not looking for something so much for lifting, but more an a balancer. I am picking up stuff from work that will help with this. but somethign to help with like anti-aging type stuff. thank you for the imput P!

  5. Anti-Oxidants like RPN new product would be beneficial too, but defiantly the fish oil would be a great buy.
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  6. I have had some good results with Formestane but that is hard to come by these days. I like PCS and Hyperdrol X2. I seems a get a lot of mileage out of a decent estrogen blocker. I am thinking of trying paravol as well. Although I really don't need to take anything for libido, kind of scary for the wife lol, I like the idea of better orgasms, by an increase of seminal fluid.

    I am going to be 50 this summer and I have to tell you the products I have been using have me really feeling good. Almost too good for my age really. I find myself a little too preoccupied sometimes, if you catch my drift.
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  7. Bump on fish oil. Also maybe some more protein, multi with minerals. I also like raw milk from the farm.

    Activate works well for me. I take one and an hour or so later I feel the need for da wife, soooo...
    I also take one Lean Extreme in the AM and one before bed.
    I would try and keep it simple.

    More complex would be:
    HCG, GH, TRT??

  8. what about DHEA? im not looking for sex drive type stuff. im pretty sure he still ahs that going. this is just for day to day health

  9. Well sex is just a side effect of good hormone health. If it boosts your libido it generally makes you feel good as well. One of the big problems we face when we get older is excess estrogen. Knock it back a little and you're going to feel better.
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  10. Not to jsut add my "me too" to the mix (and I have already confessed I am new to all this stuff) but in general, I would think for general health, a goo Multi (I like the GNC Mega vitamins, but would avoid the "over 50" type) and add to that fish oil (gotta have) and a fiber supp for the prostate and digestig/colon helath. Then it is really just a a matter of a good diet and exercise - no pill can replace those (unfortunatly). and it sounds like he has the diet and exercise thing in line, so I would think he is in good shape, Hell, he even has a son who is looking out for him - sounds like he is doing alright!! I should be so lucky when my kids reach your age.

  11. I am liking the looks of Melenium's vitamins and minerals. I may actually spring for them, but if the ZMK makes me groggy I will not, as ZMA does tend to do that to me. I was actually hoping that they addressed this in their formulation. I guess I should ask eh?
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  12. pineapple and papaya digestive enzimes with all food, does yer dad like watermelon? there are some benefits to be had from consuming watermelon and some of the rind.


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