First off, I have been reading on hear, and searching as much as I can. But most of the guys are younger, so looking for some opinions from some seasoned lifters.

47 years old
178 lbs
Been lifting seriously for about 1 1/2 years.

Just finished my 2nd cycle with a ph
This stack was
Oxodrol Pro & Propadrol
Resulst were better definition and droped about 2% BF

Starting PCT currently and plan on cutting another 3-5 lbs.

So what I'm searching for is some advice for something that will work for the older lifter. Wanting to start another stack this fall, and would like to put on 5 - 10 lbs with minimum BF.

My first stack was the Mass Tabs, basically gained 10 lbs and then after PCT was able to hold onto about 6 lbs of it.

So any suggestions would be appreceated.