Just Got Test Results.. Need A Little Review And Advice

  1. Just Got Test Results.. Need A Little Review And Advice

    hey there guys.. hope some of you that really understand these #'s can shed some light for me.

    total test 757
    %free test 0.86 range not given just a "L"
    testosterone, free 65.4 pg/ml range 35-155

    so since im 40 .. seems that the test is higher than expected. but seems that the free may be lower.. so any advice would really be appreciated

    thanks fellas

  2. no one has any insite for me... mostly curiuos about the free test levels... whats normal.. or what can they be .. how to get them there.. etc


  3. Stinging nettle extract is the main OTC supplement that increases free test. You might try that at a low dose -- the idea being to get the free test up to high-normal.

  4. Are you having any symptoms associated with test levels? Your total look fine, free may be a bit low. But if you are having no problems, I wouldn't worry about it.

  5. Total Test: 757 for a 40 year old? Heck, that's like a hormone-laced teenager level! That's about twice the amount of what I have typically seen at your age.



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