new too anabolicminds Hi

  1. new too anabolicminds Hi

    Hi there just wanted too introduce my self too the rest of the community, and give a little background of my self. I am 37 years old and been trainning seriously for 2.5 months i have worked out on and off without and real seriousness since i was 18. I just kinda too a long look in the mirror shortly after Christmas and was discussed with what i saw and said its time too make a real commitment too achieving a goal of creating a physique i could be proud of. I have been eating clean well at least 97% of the time and only supplements i have been on is iso sensation 4 shakes a day and now im on a stack of super pump 250 ,sizeon , and novadex. its been a week. i currently train 5days a week and sometimes a 6ht day for 40-50 minute cardio. its usually back,arms,chest,shoulders,legs in that order. i weighed 252 janurary 5th and went up too 258 and now 252 again so no big weight loss but getting stronger in all body parts my biggest accomplishment would be going from 75lb dumbell presses at begining too 105 dumbells in these last 2.5 months.

  2. lol ran outa room, i am gonna be doing first cycle of gear end of april, been doing my reading as well as talking too a close friend who has been competing for a few years now. anyways i have 3 pics in my album if anyone wants too check em out nothin special , i know i need a lot of work but its a start.

  3. Looking great brother. You most def have size. Keep at it. Poacher

  4. Welcome.
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  5. Welcome to the circus we call AM!



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