Dutchman, Ageless & others - keeping food intake UP

  1. Dutchman, Ageless & others - keeping food intake UP

    I just read about a guy who ate a large pizza by himself, and my first thought was,"gee, I remember when *I* ate like that!" ...and then I thought about how my overall hunger and food capacity has changed as I've gotten older. I remember hearing over the years from a variety of sources that as we age, we need/want/can process less food (seems to go along with the 'sleep less' phenomenon), and I know what a struggle it is for me sometimes, trying to arrange enough clean calories w/ balanced macro-nutrients to keep my weight stable, my strength up, and my body repaired.

    So the question for the older brothers is: how do you keep your nutrition together with these changes going on?

    I know one important piece of the puzzle for me is digestive enzymes: my body is not a highly-efficient producer of digestive enzymes (yes, somewhat lactose -intolerant, but by no means just that), consequently, my gut empties unpredictably - which absolutely interferes with the small meals every 2-3 hours concept. Fortunately I can take enzyme supplements (like I have much room for food w/ all the supps & herbs & such ). I also make some use of the 'food-combining' concept (briefly, enzymes can compete/interfere w/ each other in the gut, slowing digestion).

    Gentlemen, please join in - I'd love to learn from you!

  2. just me, I guess

  3. Sorry I can't help you BW. I simply don't have any answers to your questions. I'm a powerlifter first, although I do eat clean at all times. I live on oatmeal, egg substitutes, lots of green ****, good breads if I'm eating them and lots of fish and chicken. I have never been able to do the six meals a day thing. And when it comes to enzymes etc I don't have a clue, sorry.

  4. Bodywizard -

    I am embarassed to even talk about my eating habits. I too eat clean, but very little...no where close to what I should be eating as a bodybuilder.
    Today 9am - myoplex shake first thing with my 2000 mg fish oil pills, 10am or so I swim in pool, 11am small piece of leftover steak & potatoes.

    2pm - Drive to the gym ;4pm protein shake/mid workout ; 6pm- supper...8 chicken wings, small salad with water to drink.

    So far so good.(bad) but at about 8-9pm.. I will want to eat anything and everything in the house.
    This is a typical day for me and I dont know how else to say this....I EAT BAD!!!

    My cardio is even worse...it consists of a short walk (50 ft) to my Hummer and back. I do wish I could brag,,,and had lots of words of wisdom, but I don't. I also make sure to always drink water during my workout.


  5. I try to eat clean. Eggs in the morning oatmeal for a snack lots o fruit and vegiies and some meat for lunch for . My problem is dinner. If I dont eat what the wife cooks it gets a little ugly. And she is not very supportive of my fitness goals. Seems to me I have heard a few times I should be happy to be fed.

  6. I love to eat. I eat

    Meal 1 - 12 egg whites/1 cup oats
    Meal 2 - 6oz cod, 6oz yam
    Meal 3 - can of tuna and metamucil
    Meal 4 - same as meal 2
    meal 5 - humongous salad with cod
    Meal 6 - 1.5 cups 2% cottage cheese, bowl of Fiber One with Soy milk

    I also snack on soy nuts throughout the day. This is a cutting diet for me. When I'm bulking, I'll throw in the whole pizza

    My lifts are currently very intense and fast paced SS and drops. I do 20 - 30 minutes of cardio 7 days per week. When I'm bulking, I'll still keep some assemblance of conditioning in my workout and will do 15 minutes of cardio per day. I find that workout intensity is definitely linked to my appetite. If I just lift with rest in between sets and drop my cardio....I find it hard to get in my meals.

  7. I eat clean all week, except for Sundays. That's when I will eat whatever I want. Generally, it is just more of the usual with some desert added in.

    I am currently doing 45 minutes of walking, heart rate ~ 105, 4-5 times a week, as I found this works better for burning fat than some form of cardio.

    I am not going to do any more 'bulking' during the winter months and just eat a little above maintenance and not stop doing the above walking, no matter what time of year it is. Sure it's boring, but I like the results and I can eat more because of it.


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