52 and looking for advice from someone who has already got results

  1. 52 and looking for advice from someone who has already got results

    Hi folks, I am new to the forums. Great community.

    I am 52, and am starting a life style change again. Started one 10 years ago, kept at it for 5 years, and fell off the wagon. 7-8 years ago, I was at about 175lbs, bulked, and about 10-12% body fat.

    I am looking to get back that profile, and have some questions about what people have done to get fairly decent, and reasonably fast results.

    Currently i am working out 6 days a week. 6 days cardio for 30 to 40 minutes in my fat burn zone. I am also doing resistance training for an hour, 3 days a week. I am on a 1500 calorie a day diet (55-35-15)

    I weight about 200lbs (lost 22 lbs in about 7-8 weeks).

    I have now stalled in my weight loss, and in my bulking efforts. I keep on upping my weights by 5-10 lbs a week with success, and am concentrating on upper body.

    I am supplementing daily with CEE (5-10grms), Nitrix (recommended dosage), Whey (160grms), and L-Carnitine (2grms).

    I am thinking about entering a cutting phase using Leviathan reloaded/DCP stack everybody is talking about (already purchased) to lose that last 25 lbs, and then cycling trenadrol after I get to my set weight.

    I want to keep my supplementation simple, and (inexpensive).

    From all the research I have done on the boards, It seems that

    1. I should cut first, then bulk second
    2. That I can use the Trenadrol with out and major sides ( I am already bald, and don't really want to be huge but would love to gain 8-12 lbs lean mass).
    3. Just want to build upper body, and drop body fat % (get semi-ripped).

    Also do I need a PCT supp (want to keep it simple) to keep the gains I would get from the Trenadrol, and make sure that I do not have liver complications?

    I not familiar with a lot of the new supps. But think they are way cool compared to what I was using 10 years ago.

    All of your feedback would be great.


  2. Did I put this question into the right forum? This is such an active community. I am surprised that I have ad no responses.

  3. Well the DCp/Levi stack should definitly push you past your weight loss plateau!!

    Why only upper body? You will get awesome results incorperating legs with deads and squats in. I know nothing about the trenadrol but for safety I say yes on the PCT!!

    Good luck on your cycle.

  4. I have had a recent problem with my left knee that actually resulted from leg extensions. I will probably go back to deads, and squats in a short while. Re: the PCT is there any over the counter product that I can use, or would a product like toremifene be better if I can find it. Also cut 1st, bulk second?

    BTW thanks for the response. I would love to also hear what the older crowd in this forum have to say.

  5. I'll send in DH, he is older..lol

  6. Wow...where to start.

    Let me point out a couple of things:

    1500 calories a day combined with 6 extended cardio sessions will DESTROY your metabolism. I would imagine your body is completely in starvation mode, and doing everything possible to hold onto fat stores. Incorporate a refeed day once a week at about 2700 calories.

    Also, cut the cardio down to 3 days a week and switch over to HIIT setup (periodic high intensity bursts followed by slower paced...repeat).

    Kick your weight training up to 5 days a week, concentrating on the movement. You can hit each main bodypart once during that week...and hit it right.

    As Crader mentioned, DCP/Leviathan Reloaded combo is yielding impressive fatloss with the ability to actually gain muscle at the same time.
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  7. I have friend that ran Ripped Tabs for 6 weeks. His Pct was Post Cycle Support. He had excellent results. Dont know if you can still find ripped Tabs. He ran 1 day for several weeks, then upped it to 2 on training days. Hope that helps

  8. dsade:

    thanks, for the response. I have a one day a week cheat day that probably equates to about 2700 calories (Saturday or Sunday), sorry I forgot to mention that. I will bump up the resistance to 4 days that is about all the time, I can afford, , and concentrate on cardio the other days (3). I already practice on the HIIT method of cardio. Do you have any opinions on the Trenadrol question. I also just responded to another post in this group with regard to Pro-H vs. the real deal at my age. What do you think?

  9. I haven't used Trenadrol before, but when in doubt always go for the real deal. Test is simply the cleanest. If you are worried about Estrogenic sides, then you could add in low-dose havoc (which will also hep your strength) and either a transdermal Formestane/or my upcoming Formestane Ethercaps.
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  10. Thanks, have you ever heard of propadrol? Heard that that product is great for older folks like me.


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