40 and ruptured achilies tendon

  1. 40 and ruptured achilies tendon

    Just blew it out, getting ready for surgery. Any advice on how to recover? Test, HGH, supps,........I have the ability to get anything from my Dr. I have never had tendon injury before so I am not sure what will help with recovery. I guess I have to retire from Basketball and stick to weight training and arch trainer.....and golf of course.

    Thanks for any input

  2. Back in 04 I blew out my patellar tendon playing B-ball. I must say that I can feel your pain. I know that patellar and achilles ruptures are similar as far as recovery time.

    Staying active is what helped me the most. I had a full leg cast and still made it to the gym for at least some upper body workouts. As far as cardio, I did fast crutchin for long
    periods of time to get my heart rate up. Do what you can to preserve other muscle groups while keeping bodyfat low without putting stress on your injury.

    When then actual time to rehab the injury comes it is rough at first. After my cast came off muscle atrophy was VERY bad and I could hardly bend my knee. The most important thing is to not RUSH things! I actually had to teach myself how to run and jump again.

    As far as supps I did run a few cycles of PH's that definately helped with recovery. But if you overdo things you could definately reinjur yourself. As far as retiring from sports don't believe the DR's. I run and play basketball all the time at almost the same level as before. Keep your head up and don't get lazy!!

  3. Cissus is good for a 30 to 40% faster healing. Safe and effective.

    IGF-1 is king of tendon healing at 300%, but since Oratrophin is not available means needles and research chemicals which are touchy right now.

    HGH and HGH boosters will help but are not as effective as IGF-1.

    Here is thread with more information and more threads.

    IGF-1 for Injuries and Surgery

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