Larry Scott at 64 yrs.

  1. Larry Scott at 64 yrs.

    First Mr. "O" and looks great! Still has the guns.
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  2. I met him and got him to autograph his book at the Olympia last year. He's definitely showing his age a lot more now than he is in that picture. Very friendly but very quiet.

  3. I respect all of the "old school" men of iron. It was a lot different in those days, training in spartan gyms with no special amenities. You came in, did your work and then left. No social time. No one was looking for dates. No one knew the long-term affects of steroids, it was just something you did if you wanted to compete with the big boys. It's still the case, but at least now, we know the affects and while many make the choice, others don't. Bodybuilding is one of the greatest sports around. It's my passion. I love everything about it.

  4. that is a hell of a bi

  5. I can only hope to maintain a physique half of that by the time I am 64...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    I can only hope to maintain a physique half of that by the time I am 64...
    I can only hope I'm still alive and well by the time I'm 64.
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  7. If you get the opportunity to watch any of his old video's I would recommend them. He has phenomenal techniques. Unfortunatley everything I have of his is on vhs and I need to covert it in order to share.


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