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    and ugly...

    Did they tell you what the rate was? I have a cpap I don't use, its set to 6 whatever it is, and the ramp up goes from 4-6. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea too, but for one, I could never sleep thru the night without peeling the cpap mask off. Also, after I stopped drinking, started working out, and then started l-dopa based supps, I don't think I have the apnea anymore. My wife says I don't even snore noticeably anymore
    I believe it was 8 or 10psi but I could be wrong in my recollection. That is the issue for me with the mask. I don't believe that it will improve my sleep any, aside form some mild apnea, as I will still likely wake form the mask. But they say it takes several weeks to get used to it. As of now I do not have a cPAP machine.

    When I was a drunk I snored so loud my kids could hear it down the hall through their AC vents.

    Like I said, my sleep is improved when I do sleep. I am using some stimulants right now that keep my up longer than I would like to. When I cycle off them I will be able to get a better estimate of how improved my sleep is with the 10 -15lbs weight loss.

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    When I was a drunk I snored so loud my kids could hear it down the hall through their AC vents.
    better estimate of how improved my sleep is with the 10 -15lbs weight loss.

    hahahahaah how funny (or not) exactly the same situation here. I used to drink just about daily, and way too heavily before I started bodybuilding. That was a piece i'm sure of my apnea. My wife (and kids) have said that my snoring is almost nonexistent now.

    If you want my cpap to try it, you are welcome to it. Otherwise I may as well ebay it I haven't used it in 6 months.

  3. This is really kewl, I love learning new stuff and the real day to day problems ( and solutions ) we all experience.

    Keep up posted B!

    Much Love,


  4. its funny, when i was a drunk i never had trouble sleeping. recently lost 20 lbs and have been sleeping much better, it seems to be a trend. good luck.

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  5. CHAINSAW, FREIGHTTRAIN try 747 at take off. Seriously, my wife has almost thrown me out of bed a couple of times becauce of the snoring. I too start snoring once I climb above the 210pnd mark. However, I am gaining muscle weight not fat weight. Therefore, I am not willing to loose weight at all.

    In addition, I am glad to hear that these sleep studies have helped many people out. I just went to the doctor last week and he told me I should get a sleep study and Cat Scan of my sinuses done. Hopefully they will be able to determine what the root of the problem is. Will let you guys know how this turns out....

  6. I was reading through this thread again and got hit with the DD man boobage again :O. I snore quite a bit my wife wants me to go for testing but bah!

    I am going to lose some fat and gain muscle hopefully this will help. I just leave the bedroom when I snore too loud. We have a three strikes rule. If I wake her or get too loud three times, I go to the couch or spare bedroom.

    I love my wife

    Much Love,



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