pTpT Tan,Darken Hair,Repair Sun Damage

  1. pTpT Tan,Darken Hair,Repair Sun Damage

    pTpT was first invented about 1998. Has anyone had any experience with this stuff? No clinical trials have been done on it yet. But I haven't heard anything negative about it either. It sounds too good to be true.
    If you want to see references just google "ptpt" you might want to add the term "tan" to reduce the volume of crap.

    By the way; I have tried to use the search on this site. It doesn't seem to work very well. Some obvious things give no results. If someone has already posted on pTpT please accept my apology in advance.

  2. Search works great here, but you have to use more than 4 characters. Try a wildcard at the end. pTpT* might get you a result.

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