Chronic Achilles Tendon

  1. Chronic Achilles Tendon

    My left achilles has been sore and swollen for over a year, possible as much as 15 months. About 3 weeks ago I purchased some cissus from PrimaForce -- their new 40% ketosterones product, and I still had some bulk cissus left at around 60 grams. The bulk cissus had not done very well by itself, only a small amount of relief. The 40% stuff is better, at least as far as pain-killing is concerned as pain declined by a good percentage, and swelling was down somewhat. I use a gram of the bulk cissus per each gram of the 40% cissus to help out. But after 3 weeks gone and only 9 days of the 40% left I figured I might try something else. The higher grade cissus may let it heal, but by itself it would take a long time.

    Three days ago I decided to give myself some physical therapy, and not just stretches, but something more....

    Why, I thought, not try applying hot and cold water to the area for 15 to 20 minute periods while flexing the tendon, and do his several of times a day? And just as cold and hot (without burning myself) as I could stand it.

    After 3 days of this, it seems to be healing at a much more rapid pace then with the 40% cissus alone. I can now pinch the tendon and it is not sore to the touch, this has not been true for more than a year.

    Of course, I'm not leaving it at this, I've backup materials on the way as it's important for me to get rid of this problem. It will be Wednesday night, Tuesday night at the earliest, before my new supplements arrive, and I only have 6 days of cissus left as I decided not to get more for now.

    I'm interested in seeing just how far this "physical therapy" of using the water out of an extendable shower head can go. It's terrific so far.

  2. You too? Mine burns like a mother, nearly two years now. Cissus helps, but not totally.

    The other day, I jumped off an 8ft high wall, landed akwardly, and thought uh, that twasn't good.

    Woke up in the morning, 80% less Achilles pain.

    Moral? Quick, violent trauma will fix EVERYTHING.

  3. Guys I am in the same situation as both of you except for me the problem has only been going on since September but unfortunately it is both legs. It is really pissing me off too and the Cissus seems to help, especially with the pain, but it is not going away. If you guys have some good success please let me know. Thanks.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    You too? Mine burns like a mother, nearly two years now. Cissus helps, but not totally.

    The other day, I jumped off an 8ft high wall, landed akwardly, and thought uh, that twasn't good.

    Woke up in the morning, 80% less Achilles pain.

    Moral? Quick, violent trauma will fix EVERYTHING.


    Shock therapy works! It was proven long ago. I prefer a less violent method of healing, and I don't put leechs on me to heal illnesses -- not in the last couple of decades anyhow.

    I've been reading AnabolicMinds forums as quickly as possible to give me some new knowledge and perspectives on wound healing and other areas important to me.

    The Hot/Cold water therapy seems to be working very well after 41/2 days, but remember the cissus is backing it up -- it seems to be healing much faster than the cissus alone though, and I was never sure the cissus wasn't just killing the pain with a small amount of reduced inflamation. The Hot/Cold trick has definitely reduced the swelling big time, and it feels less stiff for the first time in a while.

    Just in case, I have emu oil mixed with MSM, and celadrin cream on the way, as well as some sublingual Deer Velvet.

    The emu oil is supposed to be a great anti-inflamatory/pain-killer with healing abilities to boot. MSM lubricates joints and tendons and is readily absorbed when mixed with emu oil (you read the post saying how terrific emu oil is). Celadin has been touted by a couple people as a large improvement over glucosamine and chondroitin. The emu oil with MSM, and the celadin cream combined only cost $17 which is less then glucosamine and chondroitin formulas by themselves.

    The deer antler velvet is an inexpenive subligual of igf-1, which I'm sure many people here would say is a waste of $$, but I'd like to try a double dose of it post-weight workouts (within 5 minutes, after hitting weights hard), and I bet it works pretty well for a couple of months before cycling off. Igf-1 also is attracted to cell receptors in wounded tendons heavy duty. The stuff is relatively cheap so if it even does just an OK job in the strength building or healing department I'll let ya know.

    And, several months ago I purchased two hundred grams of GABA with the intention of using it to promote better sleep, and I never got around to using it. I always have on hand arginine and I bought some citruline malate not too long ago. Then, I've discovered the remainder of a bulk alpha-gpc powder in the hidden away by me earlier (close to 25 gms I think). These can combine to make a pretty good natural GH releaser, if taken about a half hour before bed time. This may not be as good as something like pGHt, but I try that this winter when I pick up 5-6 months worth a once.

    Mr. 50,

    If you have the time try this Hot/Cold water therapy, it can't be any less expensive, and it really seems to promote healing.

  5. Poison,

    More on shock and trauma being a healer some times. It's true that the healing process accerates mightly, and not just the immune system, for about an hour after a shock or trauma hits the system, or even just a body part. Obviously, that is the way we get fast muscle growth. If you have enough good protein and an anabolic state you actually traumatize and often brutalize the muscles you are working on to make them grow. We try to create micro-trauma including mini-tears in the muscle structure so that when it repairs, it grows bigger and stronger, and under perfect conditions even new muscle cells are created. This is not totally proven, but highly likely when plenty of igf-1 is available to the traumatized muscle IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE TRAUMA, aka a hard workout.

    Subligual igf-1 has a very short half-life (also, so does the natural igf-1 created by the HG in your body), The half-life is about 10 minutes. But what if someone took a small dose half way through a weight training workout, and then another slightly larger dose immediately after finishing. The traumatized muscle cells are "crying out" for this stuff.

    Of course if you inject igf-1 directly into the traumatized muscle immediately after you are going get amazing results, but even when taking a decent size subligual dose, much of it is going to reach the needy muscle cells in a short time. Once the igf-1 reachs its targeted receptors, IT WILL NO LONGER BE DESTROYED BY THE BODIES SYSTEM, IT IS FREE TO DO IT'S WORK FOR 72 HOURS AFTER.

    Hmm, and about shock and trauma for therapy -- Hot/Cold water is a mini-shock to the body part we hit it with, and it stimulates a shock response. In many ways, to our bodies subjecting it hot/cold running water is exactly a minor reinjury, and that gives what I think may be a renewed opportunity for the injured area to suck up igf-1 at a much higher rate than with an old injury. This is my speculation, but if true igf-1 speeds up healing of tendons (as well as muscle) by a whopping amount.

    Ordinarily, for fast tendon healing you would need to take Igf-1/R3 (and there's one that use to have a half-life of 6 hours). That's plenty of time to attach to even old trauma cells. Yet taking a dose of subligual igf-1immediately after subjecting the area to the hot/cold water treatment may have very significant advantage in healing.

    It'll make an nice experiment anyway. I'll bet it works. That would be so cool.


  6. After one week of using the hot/cold water treatment, my chronic left achilles tendon problem is definitely healing.

    A web site on achilles tendonosis stated that you can tell how severe it is with a "pinch test." If when you just lightly pinch it it is sore to the touch, and it burns when you walk or otherwise use the leg with the injuried tendon -- it is at least a "stage three" tendonosis.

    That's what my tendon was like last week, sensitive to even a light touch or pinch. Although, even a week ago the cissus I'd been taking had already reduced the pain and had gotten rid of the burning sensation.

    Now there is almost no pain when I walk, and I have to pinch it hard to feel even a little pain, but still some noticable swelling left. The stiffness in the area is also freeing up. That's good healing for one week.

    I only have the 40% cissus left for two more days, but received my emu oil with msm last night. Also received some deer antler velvet spray (got it cheap, so I decided to try), and that stuff does have glucosamine and chondroitin in it. I intensely would like to heal this up a least 90% in the next two weeks. I may need to do alot of walking and standing after that.


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