rHGH, TRT, HRT for the elderly.

  1. rHGH, TRT, HRT for the elderly.


    My father is 67 years old, he looks pretty young though (maybe 50's),, but he tells me he feels 80, he is out of shape, and his joints bother him very badly.

    I have got him to uses Glucosamine/msm/geletin, can't get him to eat like a bodybuilder, but he is avoiding bad foods, he is walking on the treadmill to get in shape (trying to), but he has alot of pain in his joints and bones..and I can tell he is quickly deteriorating.

    THIS SCARES ME!! I love my pops alot, and I have been telling him little by little about the hgh and I think his interest is peaked.

    The recent discovery that SLy Stalone is on hgh pushed me over the top today!!! I want my dad to feel great and energized!!

    Does anyone have any advice of where I should direct him, I have found several good links and studies, but I don't know of any specific Centers/clinics that I can trust to get him at least talking to.

    Any advice or experiences are welcome.

    And this is for my father, I"m not asking for a source, I'm asking for advice for him!! I know what works for BB and I have my own sources.

    I am talking about the supposedly "legal" hrt spa's in the US. He doesn't need to be big, and he doesn't want to be big. I think that rHGH is what he needs, I just am not sure about dosing, and he would never let me supply him through my internet sources or freinds, he will only buy from a real place. (frigin old people).

    I found some sources on dosing for rHGH, but they were in mg's?? Wtf I know only of iu's for this.

    Any help appreciated, pm me if necessary...

  2. Refer him to Dr. John.

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