Cissus question...

  1. Cissus question...

    Ok, I guess I am the only person who does not know this, because I have searched and searched several post that have things about cissus in them, and for the life of me, I cannot find any info on what if anything I take this stuff with..

    I bought some bulk cissus and like I said, I do not know if you mix this stuff in with you juice, water , protein shake or what ? There are no directions on it except how much I should take.. I am sorry that I am such a dumbass, but I cannot find the answer I need, and I want to make sure I am using it right.

    If you feel the need to flame me for such a newbie question go ahead.. But I still need an answer..

    My shoulders are killing me, and I have read where alot of people take cissus to help with joint pain... I think mine is my rotator cup. It hurts so bad at night, I cannot sleep very well at all. I have stopped doing flat bench and started doing just dumbbell press and dumbell Incline. This seems to have helped alittle bit. But I am really hopeing this stuff will help me a bit more.

    Thanks for your help.. And yes, I am learning more and more each day, and Yes, I did do a search..

    Thanks again.

  2. Thank you.. That at least gives me a start... I may try it with some apple juice or grape juice...

    Thanks again.

  3. I've been using Cissus since it first came out. By combining it with Celadrin, 6+ gms of the first and 3+gms of the second ED, split into two doses, I healed my own painful RC problem. What I did was pick up an inexpensive capping set and I make up my own OO caps with about 650 mgs in each. In my case I stopped all use of DBs because thats how I tore it up in the first place. What I used a lot because of the controlled range of motion built in, was the Smith machine and Hammer Strength machines. I am older but fully healed and stronger than ever. Did I say I love Cissus?

  4. I took my bulk Cissus with cranberry juice and it wasn't too bad.

    It also tasted good when I added it to my fresh green tea, althought I don't know if the heat denatures it...dsade??

  5. I mix in a shotglass with water and down it. Best if taken on an empty stomach. That was of course before Super Cissus. Now I just take 1 pill three times a day.

  6. Thanks for the info... I have been mixing mine with apple juice.. Man.. It makes it look like crap.. My little girls are like.. That is gross dad.. ( I'm like yeah it is ) lol.... Oh well, as long as it works..

  7. I had the same question and had to email nutraplanet and they told me to take 1200mgs in the morning and 45 minutes before working out.
  8. cissus is great!

    I've been taking cissus for over a year and all my left shoulder pain is GONE.
    I did a cycle with Test/Deca last year and stopped using cissus while ON.
    Deca, of course, is great for joint pain. I would have to say that cissus gave me as much relief as Deca. Good stuff.
    I just down it with my morning shot of Whiskey...
    I mean, coffee.


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