Would anyone here try out for American Idol if you could?

  1. Would anyone here try out for American Idol if you could?

    I would, or does anyone here have any future singers . I watched last night and they were terrible. I think the best thing to do is to tell your kids they can't sing if they really can't

  2. No. I enjoy the show very much. I sing in my Church choir and also as part of a Concert Chorale with the Symphony Orchestra. I am a baritone. I like watching the kids go for the Gold. I wouldn't presume to be competitive. I thought Taylor Hicks, a local man from my town, was too old for the competition...little did I know? LOL I was a little surprised about the men last night, too. I thought they were all better in the prelims. They will get better with time. The ladies are up tonight. Should be a good group.

  3. I would love to do my combination of ventriloquism and puppetry of the penis.

    I can't be worse than some of these freaks.
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  4. Negative.

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