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  1. Training Tip From Tom Venuto

    "For Peak Motivation... Schedule an annual peak photo shoot!"

    Fitness Tip By Tom Venuto

    I'm often asked by my clients, members and website subscribers about how to get more motivated. Over the years, I've self-experimented with and suggested to others literally dozens of powerful and effective motivation techniques .

    But one method, if you really get into the spirit of it, can make such a tremendous difference it will astonsish you when you hear how simple it is.

    I believe that whether you are a competitor or not, and regardless of what kind of condition you are in now, at some point during each year, you need to set some big goals and challenge yourself to reach a new personal best.

    Frank Zane, the legendary bodybuilder and former 3-time Mr. Olympia retired from formal bodybuilding competition in the early 1980's. However, Zane never retired from challenging himself to keep bettering his best.

    Every year, once a year, he continued to prepare just as if he were still competing in the Mr. Olympia. He dieted, trained, and lived for reaching that peak. As a result, he kept engaged, challenged, and of course highly fit. To this day, in his 60's, he still has an amazing physique because he never lost his edge.

    Clarence 'Mr Ripped' Bass, is well known as the man who achieved the lowest confirmed body fat ever recorded (in the 2% range, confirmed by a medical facility via underwater weighing). Well, every year, like Zane, Bass also challenged himself to reach a peak in low body fat... the best he could be, even after he too had long retired from formal competition.

    On his website, Clarence recently posted his latest "peak" photo at age 69. All I can say is wow, and he is still making progress in his 70th year!

    Some people with the urge and inclination might challenge themselves by signing up to compete in a bodybuilding fitness or figure competition every year.

    Those who don't want to step on stage in front of judges or an audience could choose one of the many fitness transformation challenges that have become popular these days. Many of them run for 12 weeks, and opportunities to enter are often offered more than once per year.

    But if you're not keen on stepping onstage or sending your before and after photos to a judging panel, then why not have your own challenge?

    simply schedule an annual "personal peak photo shoot."

    Capturing yourself on film in your best shape once every year is a fantastic goal and powerful motivation tool.

    Believe me, you'll be highly motivated (especially when you pay a professional photographer months in advance!)

    In fact, you can have a lot of fun with it - go outside and do some really cool photos in some cool places... in the heart of downtown Manhattan??? Maybe on the beach, in the mountains... any where! Studio photos are great, but it doesn't have to be only in a studio.

    Capture yourself on film for posterity - Mark my words, it will provide you with motivation like you won't believe (not to mention a nice album), and hopefully it will even become an annual tradition that will keep you reaching personal bests every year for the rest of your life, whether you are a competitor or not.


    Tom Venuto,
    Burn the Fat Inner Circle
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post
    How does it feel to show up 20 year olds at the beach at your age? You look GREAT!

    Umm..or at ANY age?!
    Thanks. For me the best part is telling people I'm nearly 64, when they think I'm around 54. It makes the hard work it takes to get there worth while.

    The other satisfaction I get is when I do as much work in the gym as my training partner. My last partner was 28. My current one is 40.

    I have trained my last two partners for their first bodybuilding competitions. But unlike some personal trainers who push pins and count reps, I do everything I ask my partner to do, so we really are training partners.
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