Low libido with good test level?????

  1. Low libido with good test level?????

    Why would my sex drive be down if my test level is good? My last labs show my test levels are at about 700, My est levels are normal range and my sex drive is very low. I am 41 and in great shape, i am on hrt for about a year now, anybody got any advice on what to check next.

  2. Seraph,

    Have you been tracking your estradial (high sensitivity) level? The added test may result in an estradial increase that needs to be brought down.

  3. libido is also related to other factors - stress - lack of sleep - other drugs or supplements. When you overdo it on some supps like tribulus for example it can kill your libido - though your test levels would still be up.

  4. Try getting your test into the 800-900 range make sure your E stays in check.Try some Proviron it works wonders in this department.

  5. Agreed! Your E2 (estradiol) levels may be too high. You need to have more tests run, especially if you are already on HRT. You should be monitored on a regular basis.

  6. At 41 I'd consider doing some research on DHEA. Look here on the forums but also on medline or pubmed. Plenty of solid studies indicating it can be very beneficial in many areas too other than libido. Results are felt as low as 25mg/day.


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