DHEA long term - Recommendations?

  1. DHEA long term - Recommendations?

    I'm looking for experiences of those who have used it long term and feel that it has made a difference. I've read many conflicting opinions on it and recently decided to use it as part of a PCT for a Trimax and PP cycle. I believe I received a positive benefit and want to continue to use it, maybe not at the levels used for PCT. I think I remember some positive feedback from Dr. D on long term/continuous use, but haven't found that particular post. What dosages are people using when using it continuously? I tried 100/200/200/200 during PCT, and for a few weeks following that solo. Thanks in advance for all recommendations and success stories.

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  3. Good question tried looking for it and interested in a product that will work and that you will benefit from over the long haul.

  4. Since you are 41 years old I would stick with lower doses like 25-50mg a day if using oral DHEA and probably cycle it on and off-like 4-6 weeks on and 4 weeks off to be on the safe side. I take DHEA and have experimented a bit with it. At 200mg I get headaches, which can't be good. I stick at 25-50mg and it does seem to work.
    I haven't done any steroids but heard it is good for PCT at approximately 100-200mg daily.
    I also know DHEA works much better as a transdermal, there is a section on these boards discussing transdermals if you are interested.

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