that much closer to 35

  1. Talking that much closer to 35

    happy birthday to me, today im 32, that much closer to 35

  2. Happy birthday! I'm right behind ya man. I try and spend my days in denial

  3. Happy B-day brother.
    I've got 5 wks and 3 days.
    I'll let you know how it goes....LOL.

    Unless it makes gas prices drop, my mortgage drop 50% or my dream chick appear out of nowhere, I don't think I'll notice a difference.

  4. thx guys

  5. Quote Originally Posted by frizzlerock
    happy birthday to me, today im 32, that much closer to 35
    How I'd love to be in my early 30's again. However, I look better now than I did then. I'm often mistaken for being about 5 years younger, sometimes more, than I am. I'm dating a chick 13 years younger than me right now. It bothers me sometimes because of the different maturity levels, or lack there of I should say. But hittin' it sure is fun.

  6. Happy belated birthday.

  7. I a little past 35, but not that much so I'll go with the fact that I'm 35ish.


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