Good results (blood tests scared me)

  1. Good results (blood tests scared me)

    E O D

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. Hey man,
    I seriously recommend trying Rebound Reloaded. It raised my test from 600 to 900. Waaaaay better with libido. Mine was HUGE on it. (The boyz were bigger too.)

    Nutrplanet is having a pre-sale on it now.

    Good test increases though!

  4. Hey bro, glad to see that your doing well on the stack. Thanks for posting your results.

  5. doctor john has made some good points. why would a real endocrinologist treat you with an over the counter aromatase inhibitor...and a twitchy one at that.

    you dont want your estrogen that low, even 4 caps of rebound xt a day is quite a bit of ATD (the actual drug).

    are you still capable of sexual function with such low estrogen levels? if you arent having problems yet, in all likelihood you will be.

  6. Clearing up a few "contradictions"

    E O D


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