going on 40

  1. going on 40

    gonna be 40 on aug 18 competing in the jr nationals nabba on aug 19.the picture was from my last contest may 2005 middleweight nj i won my class
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  2. Wow man, looking good!! :thumbup: I hope that I could look half that good eventually. Welcome aboard as well.

  3. looking great-what show was that in nj. I am turning 40 in June. Going to be good to hit the master classes now

  4. The show was the nj suburban npc

  5. Nice ink man, that tat looks familiar for some reason..Anyway, lookin good

  6. Quote Originally Posted by frankpt
    The show was the nj suburban npc
    i actually did some of John Kemper's shows in the past. Any thought of doing the Masters Nationals July 21 in Pittsburgh?

  7. No, not ready for that yet maybe in a few more years

  8. Welcome. You look good old man. Curious, what is your comp BW and off season BW?

  9. 5'8 tall off season 195-200 competing around 171 heres an off season recent pic
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  10. looking ripped frankpt. good luck in August.

  11. HEY! How'd it go at Jr Nationals? - What was your final weight? -

  12. You look great..... I hope to look like that at 40!!.... Wait a second, I'm 41..... Looks like I'll have to wait till hit 50.

    Hmmmm, just noticed this thread is over 3 months old.... How did you do?

  13. Hey there Jim Saw your post here I believe you posted last year about riding sleds? Are you still riding? Its just about to turn to winter up here i bet we will be riding in less that 2 months, been doing alot of freestyle riding lately, I've been trying to stick a backflip maybe this year will be the year. Gonna go out and pick up an 800 renegade here in a few weeks hopefully i can get it here before my wife realizes how much its gonna cost! She's getting a brand new 1st floor remodle on our house and that is sure costing alot more than $10,000.

  14. Well, I ended up skipping the Nabba Jr Nationals to do a the South Jersey (natural) in September. I actually did a couple of tune ups and didn't like what I saw as far as the untested events are. Anyway, my next show is 2 weeks away and here are a few recent pics.
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