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    Hi everyone! Been lifting 8+ years, broke my hand, got lazy and quit going to the gym for last 3+ years and restarted hard as ever! 44 years young, and back to 15% bodyfat after getting up to 22+% and my belly hanging over the belt. Next after I get the bodyfat to 12% or so, is a small bulk cycle to get 200+ pounds weight again at 14% max bodyfat.
    Never did anything more then some creatine and whey supplimentation. Bought some Superdrol with the manufacturer recommending 20/30/30/40 doses or some insanity.
    Luckily I checked it all out and it's put away for the next few years. Not touching it till I am back to 700 pound calf raises, 300 pound benches again.

  2. Welcome to AM. There is wealth of information here. With some hard work and dedication you'll reach your short term goals in no time.

  3. Welcome...Experience and knowledge are always welcome year..But I'm just a young whippersnapper so I don't have much of either..

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