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    Hey Bros!

    Just checkin' in. Isn't another more cool bunch to hang with than everyone else that is in the game. Been lifting over 30 years, fairly steady.

    Been enjoying being on cycles for about 4 years, and legal supplements for 3 years before that.

    I am 50, 230lbs. 6'-0", about 18% body fat (that is a constant struggle now at 50)

    I was a pathetic lifter, at 160lbs before gear.

    Best lifts:
    265 flat bench for 3
    185 mil press for 3
    335 squat for 5
    315 Bent over row for 5
    4 pullups with 75lbs

  2. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

  3. Welcome dude! Great to have you here. You'll find this to be an informative place.

  4. Welcome Meso.

  5. Welcolme aboard my friend...

  6. Smile

    Welcome buds, enjoy the forum.

  7. Welcome, look forward to hearing a bout your experiences. We are close in age, what is your current supp regimen?

  8. Welcome aboard.
  9. Cool

    Hello Mesomorph and all of the other older brothers of this forum. I just turnd 51 (3/3/55), am 5'7", 212 lbs @ probably 20% BF (a little high). My lifts are similar - 335 for 3 squats, 200 for 3 seated mil press, 75 for 8 dumbell press, and 725 incline leg press.

  10. Welcome, one more old bag with us.....

    Just joking

  11. Good numbers and welcome...I'll be 40 in 5 months and not liking the sound of it...still pounding the weights heavy , just recovery time is a little slower... plus a bull work job doesn't help...
    Squats : 225 x12's (bad back -light weight lotta reps)
    BP - just hit 385 x 2 shootin for 405 before 40 th birthday
    Deads - just that -back put an end to them
    Behind the neck MP - 225 x 3 's consistant just stuck

  12. Welcome
  13. ClintCanada
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