low carb for cutting

  1. low carb for cutting

    i dont have any probs getting size but i need to shed bf and last year i dropped alot of bf on lo carb but after some time i had no energy for workouts. how long i will do it this time will be based on where im at bf wise and when its low ill add more carbs. any feedback or suggestions or experience will be much appreciated. also when is hrt a possibility im 34 ?

  2. Why don't you follow a CKD diet instead, all the advantages of low carb, with a re-fuel portion so that you still have energy for workouts.

  3. Excellent advice, low carb is just too difficlut for some people, unless you only take in carbs pre and post workout. This is still hard-I one of the lucky few in that I can get away with it. Genetics and age play a factor as well

  4. Well I am a grampa and love the low carb/fat diet with just 2 salads and 2 apples a day for carbs. Keep the EC coming and I have no appetite just eat TONS of protein. Workouts are an experience I will admit.

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  5. There are a lot of ways to cycle carbs effectivly for fat loss while keeping muscle mass. Just experiment a bit and find what works best for you and your schedule. I find that 3 days low carb (150g/day) and 1-3 days normal carbs (300g/day) works best for me. Everyone is different so play around with it and see what works best for you.

  6. I believe the best way to go low carb is also to cycle the carbs 2-3 low and 1 high carb. Just remember to increase fat intake on low carb days so your body uses the fat for energy

  7. Quote Originally Posted by frankpt
    I believe the best way to go low carb is also to cycle the carbs 2-3 low and 1 high carb. Just remember to increase fat intake on low carb days so your body uses the fat for energy
    cycling carbs is very effective, but if you're willing to commit and really follow it the anabolic diet (or it's more general populace friendly cousin the Metabolic diet) are both awesome
    regardless of what you do, consume enough fiber particularly if on a low carb diet. Fiberous carbs are fine. A few points IMO, and of course the opinions of a few well renowned phd's biochemists etc
    The anabolic diet is in fact NOT a cyclical ketogenic diet!
    there is a transition phase, but the point is not to be in ketosis, rather to adapt your body to preferentaily burning fatty acids for fuel
    both atkins and Bodyopus are seriously flawed in some aspects so not all low carb is the same
    High protein and higher fat sound fun, but you still have to be smart......think healthy fats
    also excessive protein (in excess of 1.5 gr/ib) can cause gluconeogenesis from protein as oppose to triglyserides(i can't spell ) which is undesirable on any diet really
    You know, if Vince Gironda was still around he'd put you on the old "Steak and Eggs diet" protein and fat with fiberous vegetables, ocasionly he had his train'es eat a high carb meal every three days..hhmmmmm....... all this is sounding really familiar
    anyway hope this helps and best of luck dude!


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