how many bros have BHP ?

  1. how many bros have BHP ?

    how many bros have BHP ? , and what do you take to control it symtoms and getting worse ?sw ..beta sisterol...proscar or a beta blocker ?

  2. c'mon bros there must be some that deal with enlarged prostates issues from cycleing and dht.

  3. I have it. I use saw palmetto, it seems to help some. With all the water I drink I still have to get up 2 or 3 times a night though. I was thinking about trying some beta sisterol with the saw palmetto. I've been taking some dutasteride for my hair issues, and I though that might help a little , but I hav'nt noticed much change in prostrate function. It's a ***** getting old.

  4. I've been living with BPH for a long time. Back in 98, while still living south of Amsterdam, my PSA tested out at 10. I thank God that I was living in The Netherlands, because they like Germany are firm believers in using natural solutions and avoiding the knife. They started me out on Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed, Pygeum and Selenium. In less than a year I was back down to a PSA of 3 and have never gone above that since then. One major change I made was switching over from Saw Palmetto to using Beta Sitosterol at high dosages of 1.5 G/ED. The B-S I credit as well for stopping my need to make nightly runs to the John. I also found out that Green Tea had a very positive effect and for a combo of reasons I now dose that at 3 to 4.5 Gms/ED. I have since done many cycles first with 1AD and now (5X) with SD and I have NO BPH problems.

  5. great ! well no i mean BPH isnt but its great that you seem to have it under control Dutchman. , now whunterx i'd say get some beta sisterol ! , it takes a mnth or so but then it startes workin.......i started on saw palmetto480mg ed/ beta sis. 1500 mg ed and startin this week my bathroom visits at night are back do to norm. 2x :1:00 AM and about 5:30 AM and i also drink a lot of water i just cut down to very little at suppertime ..5:30-6:00PM

  6. I have BHP and use SP, Beta Sisterol, Pumpkin Seed, and zinc. Seems to have moderated it some but I can't say the results are outstanding. Prostate exam indicated no problems but I guess I should get a PSA.

  7. I've tried all of the above. BS works well...but the most effective for me is phytosterol complex from BAC.

  8. what is the phtosterl complex
    thanx for your help

  9. I did have it and now it's in check. I give credit to watching my diet and adding cycle support.

  10. Ive read that nettle root is helpful also heres a link <good luck and good health to you.

    Nettle Herbal Supplement from Herbal Extracts Plus

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  11. thanks man this site is killer

  12. Heard on a tv commercial for meds for this condition that 50% of men over 40 have this.
    Being over 40 I take the saw palmetto berry,it works.
    Also try to keep prolactin levels in check as these can cause prostate enlargment issues.Deprenyl,bromocryptine, carbogoline(don't know to much about this one tho),vitex,L-Dopa,anything with dopamine agonist properties are good.Any of the SSRI's are serotonergic thus decreasing dopamine,thus raising prolactin levels.Even L-tryptophan and 5HTP raise prolactin also.

  13. FWIW I still adhere to the 1.5 gms Beta Sitosterol and 3 to 5 gms Green Tea regimine. The one thing I have added and really like is using Pomegranite juice. I take 6 to 8 ozs per day of a pomegranite/blueberry mix (at Publix it costs me aboudt 2 for $6.00). I recently posted a high BPH of 7.5 but after taking the newest tests which are genetic based, I came away clean as can be, ie free of any cancer. The Docs are not worried in the least and don't want to see me for another 6 months.

  14. Awesome, good to hear about that little exam there Dutch.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  15. Exclamation

    When I had it back in 1995 at 32 years old, I was told by my doc that the chlorine in water can contribute to BPH. I switched to filtred water and haven't had an issue since, even on cycle. I didn't get a damned thing from saw palmetto and I usually respond to herbal meds.

  16. That's interesting, chlorine contributing to BPH. I like filtered water better anyway I think it's a basic neccesity nowadays no matter where you live,even rural areas have fertilizer/pesticide runoff worse(probably) than near big cities.I was told some pesticides are estrogen-mimicers that also can't be good for BPH.

    I heard that flouride in the water(not the naturally present flouride if any) contributes to thyroid dysfunction among other things also.
  17. Thumbs up

    We have a deep well on the farm I grew up on and it's tested out very good over the last 20 or so years. When we moved into the apartment, that's when the problems with the prostate started.


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