HRT and some questions

  1. HRT and some questions

    I know there is another post on HRT but I was going to make this into a log/post as I go along.

    I went to the Urologist yesterday after a year of malaise, lack of focus, no libido, loss of muscle mass and lack of energy. He spent about 45 minutes talking to me and examining me and said he was 99% sure I was suffering from hypogonadism. They took blood and he gave me a 200? shot of testosterone. Within 4 hours I could tell my energy levels were up. Slept like a baby last night, never woke up and even had a pitched tent when I woke up this morning. I'm 35 BTW.

    He is going to put me on 3 month treatment and then a 3 month withdrawal plan to see if he can jump start my normal test levels.

    I have a few questions though for those who are on HRT.

    Can this amount of test actually help you build mass in the gym?

    Anyone ever went on a treatment then been withdrawn? If so did theyget your testjump started again or did you have to go back on the HRT?

    Thanks for the time

    P.S. Isit my imagination or does this stuff make you hungry as hell?

  2. I'm wondering about helping build muscle also. I don't want to spend a fortune only to wake up with a hard on....

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    HRT is normally for life. I've not heard (although there might be cases out there) of anyone getting on HRT for a while and coming off and test levels coming back to normal. I would imagine that he would treat you with Clomid or HCG to try this instead of test which will only further shut your HTPA down (assuming that you didnt need HRT in the first place).

  4. You can build some mass...I hadn't done a cycle in years when I first started my HRT and gained some and lost some BF...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattD
    You can build some mass...I hadn't done a cycle in years when I first started my HRT and gained some and lost some BF...
    because your T levels are at a normal working state...people sometimes misconstrue HRT with AAS, and they are not the same, you do not get the same drastic results...just trying to clear up confusion.

  6. Years ago, when I first heard about those magical steeroids people were taking, I also learned the word "attenuation."

    Don't know exactly what it means scientifically speaking, but basically it means you get less desired effect from your compound(s) as time goes on. This was offered as one reason to cycle on and off over time.

    Even if there were no health reasons to go off, or, if there are, even if you don't care, the one thing that will make you think is that aas will stop working cause of this attenuation thing.

    So, my question is, how does this play out with a long term or lifetime HRT program?

    Was attenuation just a myth that need not concern us, does it only affect those who take muscle-building amounts, say, 500 mg on up, or is it a problem for a guy who is doing 100-200 mg, or whatever doctors normally prescribe?

    By extension, I have the same questions about young guys who are not thinking about middle aged malaise at all but who never come off, the ones who do a gram or two of aas on cycle and cut back to a few hundred mg's between cycles.

    Apart from health issues, do these guys battle attenuation, does it not exist, or are there ways to work around it?


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