HRT Association? Need new Dr

  1. HRT Association? Need new Dr

    Well, I called my Dr this morning to make an appt for bloodwork and found out he has left and went back to Arkansas...who goes back to Ar?...anyway..they are referring me to a Dr over an hr is their a HRT association or anything like that, that could recommend a new Dr?...I hate because this guy was a body builder and on HRT I'll probably get a big fat goob that doesn't understand anything....


    Try this link, they can help you find a HRT doctor.

  3. Man...thanks alot seriously..I wasn't getting alot of feedback and I was getting referred to a guy over an hour away...but when I used this I found a guy less than 5 minutes from the house....

  4. you could always find out where he went, send him you lab results and he can still be your physcian from afar.

  5. Wound up getting in to see the Dr did bloodwork...he wants me to finish up what I've got and come back and start with whatever i think works...I was doing 1cc/wk Test Cyp 200mg. I'd like to bump it up...or talk him into some HGH. ;-)



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