Chronic Muscle Pulls/Strains

  1. Chronic Muscle Pulls/Strains

    Increasingly over the last few years I've been plagued with muscle strains in the calves and hamstrings. I've been stretching more before and after activities lately to no avail. My diet is pretty good. I get lots of vegetables and protein. I probably don't drink as much water as I should.

    Anyone have similar experiences? Suggestions?


  2. Sounds like you might be overtraining? I went from lifting on consecutive days to every other day and my injuries got better, and the rate of injuries have dropped way down.

  3. I guess I should've clarified: I don't have trouble with the weights; it's basketball and jogging on the treadmill that usually cause the injuries. Overtraining might be a factor since I'm currently putting a lot of time in on the treadmill. But last night was the first time in three days and I had a slight pull in the right hamstring at around 45 minutes in. About three weeks ago I had a pull in the lower left hamstring and that could definitely be tied to overdoing it a bit. But this is nothing terribly intense. I know I'm getting older and this is to be expected somewhat but I'm hoping there's some tricks that can help to keep me healthy.

  4. Man, let me know what you find out. I just pulled my hammy last night at Kav Maga. I stoppped playing softball this summer already due to pulling a hammy everytime I played. It seems like every activity causes a muscle pull lately. I am deploying to the Middle East soon and I really need to get a handle on this crap!!! Any suggestions are appreciated.

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