One hour wood.....

  1. One hour wood.....

    I found this on the net and found it very interesting...anyone heard of "alprostadil"?? anyone used it with suckcess?

    If this works Im not worried about turning 90 one day. My wife would be 66 and I will probably need it LOL

    My wife said she cant imagine one hour wood @ 90..hell I just hope Im still here and remember how to use it.

  2. Yes, I heard of it years ago. This is an old medication that was said to have worked to well, some patients had erections for days. Its available online somewhere.

  3. I dont' know about that ****. I took a little to high a dose of cialis once while on a decent test/tren/dbol cycle and my dick was hard for soo long it looked like a snake shedding out of it's skin a few days later. My advice would be if you do use it remember to moisturize constantly.

  4. NEO-SYNEPHRINE is a tx(antidote) for erections lasting more then 4 hours.I have been told that a hot tub with an ugly woman will work

  5. I heard that neosynephrine was administered intracavernously, but what the hell does that mean.

  6. A shot in the penis.I would rather use the hot tub.....I would just have to find a ugly old

  7. I believe that the brand name for alprostadil is caverject... I've heard of a guy using it for ED but he had to inject his penis. If you inject too much you risk penile damage from prolonged erections...

  8. Wait a minute, an antidote for erections that last over 4 hours? Isnt it normal to have intercourse for hours at a time to begin with?

  9. The alprostadil is administered in the same way, hence the name caverject. I spoke with someone who claimed to have used it, they said it came in a kit and that the needle was microscopic making the injection virtually painless. They said the tumescense was instant.

  10. I saw a guy on meatholes (nasty porn site) shoot that stuff into his wang. Looked like it worked but I'll DEFINITELY pass. As for having a woody for more then 4 hours I don't really see a problem with that, as even without c or v or even t I've been able to pull that. What would be the danger?

  11. I've heard docs say that having a natural erection for an extended period of time is fine as long as your constantely being stimulated. They say the dangers occur when your erection should subside but isn't, like maintaining an erection hours after sex. I'm not sure what the exact dangers are for prolonged woodies, but i think is has something to do with the amount of pressure the blood flow is putting on the penis.
  12. Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by wideguy
    My advice would be if you do use it remember to moisturize constantly.
    But honey, I need to keep it moisturized...


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