I am 53 and because of my age I am posting here and asking for views/ advice from anyone who has experienced or has knowledge of ripping of the scapho-lunate ligament, which is a small ligament between the scaphoid and lunate bones across the top of the wrist. I tore mine in a windsurfing injury 1 1/2 years ago and have just now had artheroscopic surgery on it with the diagnosis of a completely torn ligament and the option of reconstructive surgery or just living with it. I have been able to train with the aid of a wrist guard to help stabilize my left wrist but it is definitely weaker and less stable. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has gone thru this: did you have reconstructive surgery? was it worth it? How has it affected your training? I have to decide whether to get the reconstructive surgery
(taking some tendon material from elsewhere in my arm and making a new ligament from it, as I understand it) but have been told that the procedure will leave my wrist stiff and it may not be worth it. I am pretty frustrated and concerned that I will never be able to train progressively again.
Thanks in advance for any input.