Favorite pre workout stims

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  1. Favorite pre workout stims

    My favorite that I have tried
    Ergo lean Amp + ephedra + ALRI ENERGEX + tyrosine

    I've tried damn near everything at this point, it's a bit to much caffeine but still great mental focus plus some appetite suppression from the amp. I don't get jittery on this either and crash later in the day. A good nights sleep helps also.
    I tried Custom's Power Jolt + Enlighten stack (not as good but ok)

  2. try no-xplode, good stuff!!!

  3. Any problems with digestion when using those supps? How is amp regarding after effects? Any come down or fatigue?

  4. PowerJolt from Omega. Very focussed kind of energy comes from that supp. I notice it toward the end of my workout when it starts to wear off a little, my attention wanders. Great stuff, no jitters. Just laser focus and energy.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Knowbull
    Any problems with digestion when using those supps? How is amp regarding after effects? Any come down or fatigue?
    None at all with the amp alone(that's what I like about it) as opposed to something like Lipo 6 which makes me hungry for some reason, sometimes ephedra (25 mg) causes some stomach upset. I only use this stack pre workout whicj is currently 4 days a week and not every day, somnetimes I drop the ephedra.
    I've tried Power Jolt and it is also very good especially stacked with 4 caps of enlighten. The NO-xplode I'm going to research...

  6. Dont take Amp, if u r taking any antidepressants, it gets a little weird !! If u try no-Xplode start off with about 1.5 scoops to see how u react to it .......

  7. DMAE, Ginkgo, Chocamine, L-Glutamine and 10mgs ephedrine works really well for me. I seem to get better peak muscle contraction too.

  8. Nothing just some good head banging music and a whey protien shake. But I have heard go things about the no-explode from other old guys in my gym

  9. I got a free neurostim with my cycle and PCT order. Is that any good? Should I use it on cycle, or during PCT?

  10. I've been using NO-Explode for the last couple of weeks and I'm really liking it. Very good energy, focus, and stamina in the gym. Not sure if it's contributing to any muscle gains as I was gaining nicely before using it (but then again I'm training with Bobo) but the extra drive in the gym sure can't hurt over the long haul.

  11. check/search earlier threads for some good mad-scientist recipes and debate! 2-3 months ago.

  12. AMP + GXR
    1 hour pre-workout

  13. Honestly, NoXplode is the way to go IF you can afford it. I've tried everything and it jacks me up the best. 3 scoops of that stuff and I'm hyped and ready to rock!

  14. I use noExplode pre workout only, and it does work for me. I'm going to try a homebrew mix when this is done with supplies ordered from CNW...

  15. I always use CEE before and after.

  16. MRM Driven is great, although the taste could be better.

  17. just tried this combo and it is the s**t

    2 C2 with 3 powerFull on an empty stomach with water.

    stimulating? hell yeah!
    thermogenic? definately!
    powerfull? without question!

    BTW all my over 40 brothers check this out SynergyMuscle.com - tiggermoon's beta testing log

  18. Glucuronolactone (a gram or more) immediately before the gymn. This is in a lot of energy drinks. It gives a definite energy jolt for my workouts.

  19. USP Labs C2, hands down!!!!

    Combined with PoweFull, Cissus, and some CreEthylThunder...now that's an ass kicker of a workout!! I dont do it all the time because Im afraid Ill get pschologically addicted!


  20. A pint of Jack and a half pack a luckys.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  21. Coffee + Korn always a good combo!
    MTNMEDIC's Avatar

    Blast from ISS worked well for me.

  23. second that!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    I tried the Blast Cycle a few months ago and its just as good as the NO-Xplode but the only real difference that you feel is the caffeine, and a slight crash with the Blast. I say go with the NO-Xplode.

  24. I posted this in another thread but just in case......

    I take 2 - 3 scoops of no-Xplode with 1 cap of 17-HD. This stack redefines 'jacked' for me.


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