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    GH releasers get a pretty bad rap all around these bodybuilding forums. I have the very unproven theory that for the average 25-year-old, GH releasers won't appear to be doing much whereas for people in their 30s and 40s, they might make more of a difference.

    A 25-year-old who expects something from GH releasers expects significantly accelerated muscle growth, and that might require what, 2x the already large amount of GH he puts out? That is unreasonable IMO, and that might explain why these products have such a bad reputation.

    Now, I have been on GABA for the last 2 months and I have been experiencing very nice results, especially considering the product's price. I can train 5 consecutive days and still be driven and powerful during my workout whereas before the GABA, 3 consecutive training days was all I had in me.

    Of course, this requires only increasing my overall GH levels a smallish amount, say, back up to where I was when I was 25...

    Anyways, I wanted to get the 35+ feeling on these products as I do feel they are more geared towards the less young athlete, who do not require a humongous rise in their GH levels to even feel a difference.


  2. just from my own experience

    i used the arginine/ornithine combo in my 20's to good effect. it stripped the BF and increased vascularity quite well.
    this without having to change my WO routine.

    as new products have come along lately i tried a few but for the price none could compete with real GH.

    a study i read (i don't have the link right now) stated that GH releasers tend to lose their effecacy the older you get. this would explain why they worked well in my 20's not so well in my 40's.

    likewise i find the rules for their use (the timing, the no food for x amount of hours before or after) to be more of a bother than they are worth when they don't work that well.

    your mileage may vary, but for my money nothing yet beats the real deal.

  3. I also used a supposed HGH product back in my early twenties. It is still available, but as I am now more educated, I see it is only BCAA's. But does it potentiate HGH release? I would double dose it at bedtime and find myself more recouperated, harder and vascular in the mornings.
    HGH-3X Supporting acids L-ornithine, L-arginine, L-lysine, L-phenylalanine.

  4. Tangentially, one thing I have noticed as I've gotten older is supplements/drugs that help optimize hormone levels in general, and sex and thyroid hormone levels in particular, are worth their weight in gold to the 40-plus crowd. My own observation is that declining hormone levels and/or impaired hormone production are at the root of much of the so-called age-related issues associated with body composition and function, which in itself is old news to the informed. However, both the average Joe and Jane, along with much of the mainstream medical establishment, tend to ignore at worst, and woefully underestimate the impact of hormonal issues on optimal health as we age.

    I also agree that the experiences of younger people with regard to the use of certain supplements/drugs may not necessarily translate to the older set, at least without evaluating the context of how and why something was used. It's kinda cliche, but so many younger guys are focused on the "get huge" with 7% body fat thing.

    For the most part, most of us middle age guys have no desire to get huge. We recognize that if we can successfully keep our strength up, and keep body fat levels around the low to mid teens, it's not only a huge accomplishment, but it's both more realistic and healthier as a lifestyle goal. This is why I personally spend so much time researching, and sometimes trying, things like purported GH boosters, free test bosters, and T3 boosters, because it would be absolutely wonderful if over time, we discovered some of these OTC products worked consistently for most people that needed them.

  5. pGH looks pretty good. I mean, it seems effective at like 1/10th the dosage of GABA. Might add Ornithine and Arginine to it for the nighttime dosing if I order the stuff.... Anyone tried that one?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ss01
    pGH looks pretty good. I mean, it seems effective at like 1/10th the dosage of GABA. Might add Ornithine and Arginine to it for the nighttime dosing if I order the stuff.... Anyone tried that one?
    What is, and who makes pGH? Also, I'm seeing online ads all over the place for a product named Sytropin. Any idea about this?

  7. IBE makes very interesting hGH and IGF-1 products. I will use these. pGH is sold by our new sponsor, I forget their name........ Go to the new sponsor message by Bobo...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by the Cardinal
    What is, and who makes pGH?
    One of the board's newest sponsors carries it. I don't know what it is, but here's a link.


  9. I just finished an Oratropin cycle and thought it was great stuff here is a link to my log if u all what more info

  10. what ratio and dosing do you guys use for arginine/orinthine?

  11. sctxms I'm betting your next cycle will kick major butt because you did the oratropin recently. In theory it should do that. That, and provide better growth off-cycle even months after you've finished the IGF from all the new cells that were created. That is, if you were somewhat close to a pleteau/limit...

  12. I was at a platue 220 at 16% bf. The biggest I have gotten before I ever used gear was 250 but I was 22% bodyfat. I am now 232 and will be getting my bf done today or tomorrow but I figure it to be around 14% now. I will be off for 8wks and then starting another Igf cycle for 6 wks with some added supps this time.

  13. Nice. I too am at that place where no matter what I do, lbm doesn't seem to move, only fat and strength do... Although I finally am receiving my order TODAY of all days for my fist cycle ever, although I have used IGF recently.

    I don't remember exactly when you finished the oratropin. Are you saying you are NOT going to be having any exogenous androgens until after your next IGF? Or IGF with androgens? Please make reports on that, I am very curious.

    I have a hunch that a lot of guys do IGF then do steroids and then claim whatever steroids they have taken is the best thing ever, whereas it was only the prior IGF prepping their bodies for more growth distorting the picture completely.

  14. Just my two cents. I have tried just about everything out there and I will say that the Ectotropin 6 and the P-GH were the best by far.

  15. My next supp cyle will start in 7.5 weeks
    it will look like this
    WK 1-8 turnoboll 50 mg
    wk 5-10 oratropin
    wk 9-10 novla

  16. I'm very interested in GH, I pretty much dismissed it due to all the comments from 25 year olds...Are these stacks safe on blood pressure/cholesterol, what would be a good stack to try?

  17. Hello all,
    I've just turned 38 and now I'm feeling some mild effects of getting older, mostly being injured more often. I just sprained my neck doing shrugs the other day, along with all my other ailments: a torn left hamstring when I was 32, a compression between C4 and C5 in my neck: a culmination of motorcycle, automobile and bicycle accidents. I'm also in chronic pain from all the injuries, I've got that under control. I've never considered taking any GH releaseing products before, but I've seen others having good success with it. So, I went ahead and purchased some P-GH from I just received my kit and I'm deciding when I'm going to start it. I need to do a little more research before I'm going to take it. Thanks.

  18. be interesred in knowing how you make out with the p-gh. I be interested in trying that myself.
  19. Noob Question

    I've read the posts on p-gh and have noted the "best" way to administer it, but I was wondering if anyone has actually tried sublingually; what would the effectiveness be?

  20. From what I've read it looks as if it would be quite ineffective if it was taken sublingually. I plan to use it with IM injections.

    Quote Originally Posted by NNM1989
    I've read the posts on p-gh and have noted the "best" way to administer it, but I was wondering if anyone has actually tried sublingually; what would the effectiveness be?

  21. I'll definitely keep everyone informed as soon as I begin administration of my p-gh.

    Quote Originally Posted by whunterx
    be interesred in knowing how you make out with the p-gh. I be interested in trying that myself.

  22. I’ve just started a Superdrol/M4OHN cycle and plan to add pGH to my PCT (Nolva, RXT, ZMA, etc.). I’m particularly encouraged by the apparent increased response to pGH and related compounds from the over 40 crowd.

    Any thoughts on continuing pGH beyond PCT (4 weeks)?

  23. P-GH can be taken for, at least, 6 months straight.

  24. i take gaba on trainign days and im 24. I think it helps some ; although, i do think gaba causes soem sedative effects. also gaba is a anti-againg compound , so ill take what i can get while im still young, without moving to gh.


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