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    In the company of your sort of character and wisdom it is always a pleasure and flattering to be called "kid", even, and more so, especially, at the age of 40. I will atest to the fact that at 40 I am finally equipt with the disciplines, resolve and mestery of my being to be the man that I had only dreamed I was when I was 10-15yrs younger.
    I'm no big deal, I just try to continue to learn, and to try what I learn that fits my age and objectives. In the process I get to meet and observe a lot of interesting troops. With respect to my post, you would make a great avatar to exemplify my observations.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by WATERLOGGED
    i'm in better shape and stronger now at almost 44 then when i was younger .....ahh so take that youngsters !
    Same here and I look f-ing great, too. Course my eyesight ain't what it used to be either.

  3. I'm in the same boat as well. I look better now at 38, then I did when I was 28, or ever for that matter. In fact, due to my change, I even look 5 years younger. I feel great too.

  4. You magnificent bastards.....I hope I look as good as you guys when I'm old


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