bunk aromasin ? had to increase dose

  1. bunk aromasin ? had to increase dose

    53 yr old male - 160 lbs - 12% BF

    Been taking 25 mg Chlomid EOD for about 8 months now rather than go on TRT - this has raised my total testosterone from near the bottom of the range to near the top of the range. In doing so, my estrogen also went up dramatically - in Canada range is 0 to 160 - mine went up to about 172.

    I tried Aromasin from ( can I name the brand ? ) 12.5 mg EOD - did that for a month or so and re-tested. Estrogen had come down to 116 which still seems to be the high end of the range. So, I have increased the Aromasin to 12.5 mg every day. I have not re-tested yet - am going to wait for a month or so.

    Does this amount of aromasin seem ridiculously high to keep estrogen in check in a man who is not taking exogenous testosterone ?

    Also - can anyone describe the kind of joint pain one would expect if estrogen is getting too low. I am noticing some pain in forearms / elbows but wonder if it was because of workout related injury / stress vs too low estrogen. It almost feels more like it is is in the forearm than the elbow on my left side. Right elbow hurts a bit when bent a lot like doing front squats ( elbows high and bent to hold bar).

    Thanks for reading - any thoughts are appreciated

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    I have never take aromasin, but there is a lot of good info right here...

    aromasin dosing for trt?

  3. joint pain from low estrogen feels like arthritis. I usually notice it in my shoulders first.. then the elbows and knees.. id cycle 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.
    inbetween you could use reversitol by I force to keep the estrogen in check but also optimizes overall hormone levels.
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