Do i need to increase my trt to run helladrol for 6 weeks?

  1. Do i need to increase my trt to run helladrol for 6 weeks?

    I have been on trt for a couple months and want to run 6 weeks of helladrol at 75 mg/day. My normal dose of test e is 140mg week. I added HCG at 250iu 2 x week for a little boost starting yesterday.
    Since im already suppressed and happy with my test dose do i need to increase it?
    Also, I dont think I need to worry about PCT am I wrong?

  2. just add hdrol on top of your trt. when you finish, just continue with trt. no pct for you

    think of it as a mini blast n cruise cycle. but the blast is more like a pop gun because you arnt going all ape shet crazy with a bunch of gear

  3. Thats what i was hoping, thanks. Im not trying to be the hulk, im just trying to keep up with the more genetically gifted.

  4. Ran several ph/ds on trt. Enjoy no pct needed.

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