47 with low T and other problems...need some help please

  1. 47 with low T and other problems...need some help please

    As stated, 47, low T (last checked it was 200ish...can't find the lab sheet). I was prescribed Androgel and was tested 3 months later with no increase in Test numbers. I may have been applying it wrong (rubbed into skin till dry). Unfortunately, I no longer have insurance so I can't really get the Androgel. I was on it for a total of about 4-5 months. Also, I have no libido, occasional bouts of ED (had cialis for that and still happened a couple times), and I am very tired all the time. I definitely have problems sleeping (tried Ambien but it worked one night then after no go and I woke up loopy).
    I want to try the natty way to help me with all my issues. My diet is good and I have been losing weight progressively but no change in the above (I went from 217 lbs to 190 lbs now)...still have a little bit of a belly (waist is 35" and I am 5' 11"). I've done tons of research and I am more confused than ever.
    For libido I the following may benefit: (correct me if wrong)
    Mucana Puriens
    Goji berry for ED benefit
    Citrulline Malate for ED
    Horny Goat Weed
    Korean Ginseng
    AI Perform

    Test Boosters:
    Activate Xtreme
    Titanium...just to name a few

    Estro control:

    I've read that HGH boosters help as well and are good for sleep.

    I'm having the damndest time putting something to gether that may fit my needs and I'm asking the great community here for some very needed help.

    If you need anymore details I will be happy to provide them and thank you all for any help you can give me.

  2. I take it your doctor checked your thyroid?

  3. I'm can't remember to be honest but he never mentioned anything about me having thyroid issues when I did see him.

  4. Well, if you get blood tested, that is what they usually may check when you have symptoms of low libido, no energy, sleeplessness etc. etc.
    My test was around 450-500 so they/he would not prescribe anything to me. I have used/cycled Erase Pro and it seems like I get a little boost.

  5. I'm wondering if i should try all that I listed above or combos or what. I don't know. I know I missed a couple things like Vitamin D3 and B6...just need some help putting together a natty plan get my mojo and test back some with what to try and dosage levels.

  6. All I might suggest is trying to find out the root cause!? Since there may be underlying factors with you being tired all the time and not sleeping. (If you are not sleeping right,) I would start there, since rest and recuperation is very vital to your system getting recharged and the right hormonal balances etc.
    Let me state here, I do not believe in drugs to fall asleep either, since to me that is just masking a problem and having no end insight.
    What I have been asked, when I had a problem sleeping...
    Is it emotional stress issues, what is going on that might be bothering you?
    To many stims during the day to stay charged, how much coffee, soda, alcohol?
    Is it physical and or chemical imbalances, blood serum tests, thyroid etc?

    The problem with just shooting in the dark with supps etc. is that some can tend to overlap and or have negative effects depending on time taken and your tolerance to it etc.
    I guess my last comment would be, if you are not getting satisfaction with your doctor, find another doctor and or a specialist who may be more sympathetic to your situation and problems. Health is absolutely everything.

  7. I wish I could go to a doctor Paul, however, I have no insurance at this time. As far as sleep goes, I've been this way for a very long time. During that time, I have been in great shape and not so great shape...no change in sleep patterns. I wake up a couple times during the night then fall back asleep. I almost always (99.9% of the time) wake up around an hour or so before my alarm goes off, then sometimes can fall asleep and sometimes not. I very often wake up feeling hot, even though the room is cool. As I stated before, Ambien messed me up bad so I will not go down the drugs road for that ever again (can't get anyways since no insurance).

    Any thoughts/ideas?

  8. Have you tried a few magnesium tabs about 20 mins before bed?
    They have a few good natural sleep aids on the market.
    Valerian or maybe an herbal tea 30 mins before!?

    Do you use much if any stims thru the day, like coffee or sodas?

  9. No coffee or soda, I pretty much drink water all day...I stay well away from stims...I don't like the speedy feel if you know what I mean. I will for sure pick up some ZMA or should I get separate Zinc and Magnesium?

  10. I did not notice necessarily "better" sleep with ZMA. Some of my dreams were more vivid, but I mostly just use magnesium for relaxing.
    I have tried melatonin, but honestly, even at the lowest dosages, I wake up feeling dopey/slow, which is not really my normal state, (haha) believe it or not...!
    Even "warmed milk" 20mins before bed, works for some, because of the tryptophan probably.


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