almost 52 and have some questions

  1. almost 52 and have some questions

    Hi, Good morning all. I have some training and nutrition questions hoping I can get some advice. Turning 52 in July, have been lifting steadily for about 2 years. Have done various routines, right now I'm doing a 5 day split. Chest, back, legs, shoulders and arms. No cardio to speak of.
    Had been working out with other programs (power 90 mostly) before getting regular with weight training. Have been watching and trying to get leaner, healthier ... for the last 4- 5 yrs. At 47 I was 235 lbs at 6'1. Now I always seem to hover around 210, sometimes 212, sometimes 208, but I cant get rid of the thickness around my mid section and don't feel I am at all lean. I have tried counting calories, macros ... If I go to low (under 2000) I don't have good workouts, If I go higher almost 3000 I feel bloated but have better/stronger workouts. Always try to lift starting with compound lifts, try to lift more weight or add reps but lately I feel like I'm stuck. Have always worked out early and fasted, was working out at 7:30 to 8:30ish but now because of work I'm working out at 5:30 am. Have felt stuck for a few months now, go to the Dr. on a regular basis (anti-aging) Bloodwork always looks pretty good.

    bp 122/80
    chol 162
    hdl 53
    ldl 97
    test total 840
    test free 10.6

    not on any medications at all
    non smoker
    occasional alcohol

    Just think I should feel better, always feels like I'm tired, feel I should have better gains and more energy. Low sex drive. I guess I'm wondering about HRT therapy. He has me on stinging nettles root for the test. Citrus bergamot for the chol numbers (would like to see better hdl)
    Thanks for any info in advance.

  2. Is there a specific goal you have in mind?
    I know if I lose Bweight, I lose strength, as most guys do whjo have some lifting under the belt.
    If I gain then yes, my strength goes up some.
    It is very hard to focus on getting more cut, but also getting stronger and or bigger.
    This has of course been one of the biggest conundrums of nearly every lifter.
    It may be easier to pick one goal and focus on it, then you won't feel like you are spinning wheels and you will see changes with focus on one specific thing.

  3. Thanks for responding, I have to agree I think I'm trying to go in both directions at once. That's exactly what happens, I cut back on calories but try to lift like I'm bulking and just feel weak. I am going to get the nutrition in check and eat cleaner/more at least at maintenance or a little more and go for it. Thanks again and sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. Thanks Tom

  4. Not a problem guy.
    The best way I know to lose around the waist is just cutting the starchier foods ie: breads, pastas, wheat etc.
    I know when I can;t focus or see that I am making gains (in some kind of direction) I get bored and or start dreading the gym.
    When I have a plan, am focused on that plan, and make a commitment to it, my energy goes way up, like I am on 4 cups of joe.
    What is your routine/program look like?

  5. Right now I'm on a 5 day split, chest, back, legs, shoulders and arms. Monday thru Friday. I had to adjust my workout time from 7:30 to 8:30am, now its 5:00 to 6:00 am.
    Monday chest
    Incline bb press 12-10-8-6 or 8 again
    Flat bb press 12-10-8-6 or 8
    Dips 3-4 sets of 12 reps, weighted if too easy
    Sometimes flys and or db presses if time allows but usually running out of time and feeling rushed. runs about 45 mins

    Tuesday back
    Pull downs same rep and set scheme
    Low cable rows close grip
    Straight arm cable press downs
    BB shrugs

    Wendsday Legs
    Single leg curls
    Leg extensions

    Thursday shoulders
    Seated bb behind neck presses (doesn't bother my rotator cuffs, military in front hurts.)
    Side raises
    Rear raises
    Upright rows

    Friday arms
    Bb curls
    cable press downs bar or rope
    ez bar curls or concentration curls
    overhead extension 1 arm
    hammer curls

    all done 12-10-8-6 last 2 sets try to take to positive failure (at home alone with a power cage) always try to increase weight or reps

  6. Paul, solid advice.

  7. TomD,

    check out and google on some of the results and the diet. You can lose that belly weight and a lot more. PaulD nailed it. FourHB will kick that into high gear at any age.

  8. Thanks will do it tonight.


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