46 getting back into the game

  1. 46 getting back into the game

    In my 20s I used AAS in very small amounts as a entry level bodybuilder, really small ... Like Sustenon 250 only ... Pyramid up to 3 shots a week back down to one over 8 weeks, other typical cycles were dbol/deca for 8 weeks with approx 6 months between cycles. No PCT ... never any sides ... Etc. Recently I've decided to take back my life and my sense of well being as we'll as athletic performance abilities. I started a small cycle test prop/eq ... Test prop 1c mon/we'd/fri .... and the eq twice a week... worked friggen wonders! Energy levels better, sense of well being better, endurance, also the focus to prioritize my fitness, immaculate diet etc. Lost 25 lbs, increased muscularity, best condition I've been in for nearly 15 yrs! It was recommend to me that rather than "stop" for several months like I used to years ago .... switch to a test cyp or other longer ester for a weekly shot of say 200mg as this is a somewhat typical regime for TRT anyway. MY thinking here .. And please feel free to chime in if I'm wrong ... what I've really been doing anyway is just a slightly elevated TRT regime rather than an actual cycle. The great results I've enjoyed are due to my friggen age rather than any sort of real "cycle". Certainly when comparing this to what I did in my 20s this was nothing. I'm now considering doing more of an actual cycle ... A mild one similar to back in my 20s but mild none the less. Does all of this appear to be a reasonable line of thought. And between cycles back down to 200mg test a week. Please all feedback is welcome.

  2. I believe what your asking about is blasting and cruising. I'd do a search for those terms and you'll find some info in regards to what you seem to be describing. Just curious,Are you prescribed TRT at all or are you self prescribing?

  3. Self prescribing

  4. Still sticking with it graybeard?

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