Questions about TRT bloodwork.

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    Well I got my lab results back and my test levels were 425 and my liver was slightly elevated at 44 ast and 60 alt and that was 6 weeks after a 5 week m-sten rx cycle at 20mg per day. They said the liver values were barely high and they were not real concerned.
    they were prob a lot higher during the cycle.

  2. I think they got a little elevated because I got strep throat right after the cycle and could sleep so I was taking some tylenol pm every night on top of the meds they gave me the Dr said acetaminophen will elevate liver values real quick in some people. Either way I am gonna pick up some. Tudca to go along with organ shield I am taking right now since I am in the 1st week of a mechabol cycle.

  3. yeah tylenol will do it.

  4. Some tudca along with the Organ sheild should take care of it right?

  5. Yes, and the liver will regenerate on its own as well.Just give it some time

  6. Im having a similar issue its been about 8 months since the last time I had my T levels checked, Im prescribed 200mg once every two weeks. The last time I had it checked I was right on the money for where I needed to be, but that was 8 months ago and I dont remember the numbers. I take Testosterone cypionate btw. Anyway I had a lot of extra T for awhile so I started taking 400mg a week and I dropped back down to 200mg last week. I need to go back in sometime in the next month or so to get my levels checked. How long do I need to wait until my higher levels get down to normal again?

  7. Sorry Not trying to steal your thread Atl3128

  8. No worries on the thread! Are you on trt at 200mg every week or every two weeks? I am doing 100mg every three days and I waited 10 days and my levels were still a little over 400.

  9. I'm prescribed 200mg every two weeks which is what I went back to on the 23rd

  10. Are you trying to get the DR to prescribe you a higher dose? If you self inject I would inject 50mg and wait 8-10 days before getting your blood tests done which should give you pretty low results. Or you could get your own lab work done prior to going back to the DR and if it looks good take the results with you and just tell them that it was cheaper for you that way. I had a friend do this and it worked for Him at it was in fact $50 bucks cheaper than through his insurance.

  11. A higher dose would be cool, my main concern is that it isn't extremely high when I go in because of the 2000mg I took over the coarse of six weeks before the 23rd . I hear that the test C stays with ya for awhile . The last thing I want is for the doc to make me cut back

  12. I understand and I am far from an expert on this so maybe others can chime in. You could always lower your dose to 50mg per week for a couple of weeks and then after your last injection wait about ten days before your blood work.

  13. Thanks man that's a big help

  14. Quote Originally Posted by threeFs View Post
    Pretty sure most docs won't RX 250mg test/wk.

    More is not always better...
    Not even the one I know who are personal friends.........

  15. I'm at 200mg every other week. I'd like to be at 200 or wk

  16. Quote Originally Posted by cas1981 View Post
    I'm at 200mg every other week. I'd like to be at 200 or wk
    If the DR wont give you 200 per week then do 100mg per week you will feel much better than 200mg every two weeks thats retarded

  17. Yeah that's what I'm gathering as I do more and more research. I think what ill do is take just 100mg and wait about 10 days before I get my blood work. Hopefully that will set me up to get a script for 200mg per wk.

  18. I would lower the dose two week in a row and the wait ten or more days to get the lowest level

  19. Since I'm supposed to take it every two weeks should I do it every two weeks twice and so on on just two weeks then ten days. Lol am I making sense ?

  20. I am on 200mg every week and I self inject 100mg every 3 days so what I did was two weeks prior to blood work I only did half a dose each week then waited another 12 days before blood tests and I was still over 400.

  21. When I started out I was on 200mg ever two weeks but I basically just told my doctor that I wanted the max dose because I felt like i was up and down all the time and he said fine and gave me 200mg every week and told me that I could inject every 3 days to keep levels even more stable.

  22. Is 400 high? What's the range for your age

  23. No its not high but slightly bove the point where they prescribe trt which is 250 I think but my Dr is pretty cool!

  24. Cool. I did my blood work Sat. Should know somethin by wed.

  25. My doc prescribed me 200 a week.. as long as all the sides are monitored closely I've always been in good shape.

  26. Do you take an estrogen blocker aswell?

  27. Yes, cas Anastrozole twice a week.

  28. I stopped my T three weeks ago to get my levels down because I know they where super high. Anyone know if that could cause negative side effects nausea, upset stomach etc.. or maybe I'm just coming down w something

  29. Btw thanks Detroit

  30. Got my results back . My total T when I took the test 4 days ago was 288


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