I'm thinking of running a stack of Epi and Tren for approx 4-6 weeks. I've never run a stack but hve done Dzine 3 times with good results and have done 3 cycles of osta with good results as well. I'm looking to run a methyl and non methyl and then go to ostarine as aprt of the pct. My concerns are drying out- one cycle I did was bad as I had extreme backpumps until I learned about taurine. I always do pct for a ph, nolva, and tend to keep much of what I gain. I like to run osta more frequently as it is mild and does not require the pct of a ph.

I'd like advice on dosage and how long, what to expect for shut down and drying out. I plan to do more volume rather than go heavier to prevent injury. Goal for the cycle is to lean out a bit,maybe get some size, but looking to lose some fat primarily.

Need advice from older guys as I feel older bodies respond differently to this stuff., but any input will be appreciated.