TRT @33?

  1. TRT @33?

    I have had a tough time dropping body fat and adding muscle over the last year.
    I mentioned this to my doctor and she notified me that my free testosterone was really low.
    She recommended and prescribed Test C.
    Curious what other people have to say about these numbers and choosing this route to deal with it.
    Any other ways of making the changes?

  2. You don't tell us anything about what you have done to change your diet and other numbers on the test. It is insane to me how easily doctors are telling guys to go on TRT anymore. I absolutely would not listen to her and go to another doc. Preferably a male doc that actually understands this stuff.

  3. Thank you all.
    I will probably have my stuff checked in 3 more months and see what happens then.
    As for diet, I have modified my macros to include more protein and less carbs. This of course helps.
    Recently changed programs to more of a strength building vs endurance. More sets less reps.
    This also seems to help but just started.
    Going to just keep the bottle in the cabinet for now and see if I can make some other alterations to get back on track.

  4. And yes I agree. She didn't even test Total test. Just free. My other labs were good.
    I would like to have a test/estr and test/Cort done so I can see a bigger picture and now how to approach this.
    Any ideas on tests I should ask for?

  5. You can ask for a female panel, but have yet to be approved by an endo or my pcp for that. I usually just go get independent labs done when I want that. They only run about $59.

  6. why not get it prescribed and keep it for a cycle eventually? if the insurance pays for it at least.


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