Test e/ anadrol 50... What to expect?

  1. Test e/ anadrol 50... What to expect?

    So ran prop and mast.... Waited awhile... Did a sust and tren blend... Now I'm tring the old school stack of 500 test e and 50ed of anadrol... Day 3 Feeling great pumps and no side effects... I know the test isn't hitting yet but libido seems ok from last night... So what do ya think? 10-15 lbs... ? High protien diet I will try to incorporate with every meal as well as carbs clean 185lbs 5'10" %12 bf at start... Also running anti e eod...

  2. What to expect.... What to expect is 100% up to you.

    Could be 5 could be 20... But a lot of it will be water, that's 1 thing that for sure. How long you planning to stay on the drol?

  3. Not sure 4 wks right now... Maybe switch to masteron and or equi later

  4. I'm loving it!! Thinking about rolling the dbols after drols but gotta say this is good cycle

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