Help for my situation?

  1. Help for my situation?

    Hi guys,
    I have been doing a lot of searching lately in regards to reducing Gyno without surgery. I have known about certain products such as SERMS having a good result for gyno that has been present for a number of years.
    Basically I have steroid induced gyno from about 4 years ago. Its not huge. But got the puffy pointy breasts with small lumps under nipples. I am residing in Australia and was thinking to order the experimental letrozole. I dont think there would be an issue getting shipped to Australia. Any Aussies can give me a heads up?
    I do have a number of other concerns though.
    I am on HRT with Reandron shots every 2 months. I also take Ritalin 3 x 10 mg a day for ADD.
    I am currently getting my bodyfat to below 10 % and am currently 14%. ( just to see if it reduces it somewhat)

    Anyway if anyone could tell me whether Letro is a good option, what the recomended dosages are and whether it should be a problem on my current medications.

    I am 40yrs old.

  2. what about Raloxifene?

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