new to TRT- please advise!!!!!

  1. new to TRT- please advise!!!!!

    I am 43 yo. 195 lbs. I have been working out in some fashion or another since as long as I can remember. I played basketball and golf and ran track in college (DIII- no I'm not a great athlete, I just want to give everyone an idea that I'm not some couch potato). I have been on a statin for a year. I went to my family doctor about six months ago with depression, anxiety, rapid weight gain, sleep disruption. I had been feeling that way for some time before, but chalked it up to the typical work/money/family worries. My family doc put me on hydroxizine, and sertraline. After several months, I really felt no substantial change. He agreed to do a testosterone screen. Everyone sitting down? It came back at 49. NOT a typo.

    I am now seeing a urologist who has recently started purposely developing his knowledge of TRT. He initially put me on axiron (because my insurance wouldn't cover androgel), 60 mg/day. After six weeks, he had my levels tested again. Only at my urging did they also test estrogen and FT (which irked me a little, as I now know that there is a whole heck of a lot more going on than just TT). Results: TT 323; FT 7 (again, NOT a typo); and Total Estrogen (no breakdown given): 108. TT and FT were in ng's and E was measured in pg's (which I think is standard).

    I have been supplementing since beginning axiron with: a multi-vitamin; 10,000 iu Vit. D (just went to 8k); Magnesium Citrate/Calcium Citrate;

    Just the last few days, after trying to educate myself, (and after getting these last labs back), I have begun Super Miraforte; Vit. A 50,000 iu/day; Vitamin K (not the right kind- just ordered some); and Zinc picolinate (which including the multi and miraforte gives me about 55mg/day.) This is in addition to the above.

    I met briefly with my urologist a week ago, and have an appointment in two days. He mentioned wanting to put me on 100 mg/wk of T Cyp. No AI, when I brought it up.

    I do have some of the standard high E symptoms: getting choked up over sappy movies (cripes), snapping at my kids (not nice), no loss of the goo around the middle (I bust my ass in the gym 5 days/week).

    In my research, I have found that FT should be in the range of 25-30, E should be around 25; and total T, basically in the top quartile of the "range". Which I suppose would be somewhere north of 800, depending on which labs range you are looking at.

    So, my FT is about 1/4 of what it should be, my E is (roughly) about 4 times what it should be, and my TT is about 1/3 of what it should be.

    So many questions, but here are the main ones:

    1) Since T cyp will shut whatever miniscule T production I had, is 100mg/week enough to get me above 800? If not, can someone direct me to a scientific study showing test levels after various dosages of T cyp? I would like to go on 200mg/wk injecting twice weekly. But I need ammo to convince the doc.

    2) Can/Should I ask for anastrozole as an AI? Should I give the natural supplements a chance? Just so you know my thoughts, I would like to get a low dosage of anastrozole, something in the range of .5 mg twice weekly. I've never had much luck with natural supplements doing anything. I hate to say it, but I would much rather put a prescription in my body, so long as it works. If I can get it, should I go off the supplements or use it as well? My understanding is that they would work together, not "cannibalize" the other's effects.

    By the way, my family doctor took me off everything but the statin.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by blxmth View Post
    I went to my family doctor about six months ago with depression, anxiety, rapid weight gain, sleep disruption. I had been feeling that way for some time before, but chalked it up to the typical work/money/family worries.

    I am sure he did if you got blood tests, but I have to ask, if he checked you thyroid?

  3. I don't have those in front of me. I will post them tomorrow. As I recall everything was in the "normal" range, but as with Test levels we all know that isn't the end of the story.

  4. TSH: 1.22
    T4: 5.3
    T3 uptake: 42 (high)
    Free thyroxine index: 2.2

    Any clues here?

  5. No sir, I can't read those. All I am saying is, when I was checked for a short bout of low libido, depression, low energy and appetite etc. the first thing the doc checked was my thyroid. That is why I asked.

    Otherwise, sorry, I don't have any real info for you.

  6. Only way to know if 100mg wk will get you up over 800 is to take it for about 1month and do bloods again.... Everyone is different. If not then At that point you can ask him for more.

  7. Question is why is estrogen that high?
    1. the body converting it from test? OR
    2. You are eating something that makes it that high

    Lower the estrogen then test again see where your teststosterone levels are...Estrogen is a negative feedback mechanism for test production.
    Dont go on HRT yet I'd figure it out what's wrong then consider it


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